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Gross Food, Nails On Chalkboards And More Worst Wheel Of Redemption Punishments On 'Barmageddon'

The first season of "Barmageddon" saw its contestants endure rough penalties when forced to spin the Wheel Of Redemption.

By Tyler McCarthy

Barmageddon” is a game that rewards big wins but also, of course, punishes losses more than any other game show on TV. Now that the first season is over and done with, fans can now take a look back at who had it the worst after losing one of the over-the-top bar games

How to Watch

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Scoring can be loosely constructed on “Barmageddon.” Players give it their all to win a point, but if they fail, there’s still hope to tie up the game thanks to the now-infamous Wheel of Redemption. If the losers are willing to humiliate themselves, eat something gross, or do something generally unpleasant, they can get the point they lost and push the competition just a little further. 

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So, in the full eight episodes of the first season, who had to deal with the worst of the Wheel of Redemption penalties? Well, let's take a look:

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Barmageddon 103 Viral Vips

During a battle between NASCAR stars, Clint Bowyer and his Viral VIP agreed to eat a pair of Rocky Mountain Oysters after losing to Jimmie Johnson’s team at Beer Bombs. While the duo was grossed out by the appetizer, which is actually deep-fried bull testicles, others in attendance at Ole Red at the time weren’t as turned off. In a behind-the-scenes clip from the episode, Blake Shelton revealed he’s actually a fan of the southern cuisine. It just goes to show, one man’s horrible punishment is another man’s favorite snack. 

The Tongue Twister

Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow

After choking down some extremely spicy peppers earlier in the game, Gwen Stefani and her Viral VIP lost once again at Keg Kurling. Sadly for them (but hilariously for viewers), they failed to land on the small sliver of hope and had to suck on a pure lemon juice popsicle for 30 seconds. Obviously, it was a sour experience, but it was Shelton’s color commentary that made this a truly terrible experience for the star. 

“The gifs and memes that are going to come out of this,” he said as his wife put the popsicle in her mouth. 

This made the rocker blush and cover up her mouth so that savvy trolls can’t photoshop anything unflattering in her hand with the footage. Probably for the best — the sour treat was more than punishment enough. 

Pork And Beans Popsicle

Barmageddon Season 1, Episode 4

This show really has a thing for horrible popsicles! 

After having to take on pickled herring in a previous round, Sasha Banks and her Viral VIP then had to suck on a pork and beans popsicle after narrowly losing to Brie Bella at Air Cannon Cornhole. 

Similar to the Rocky Mountain Oysters, Banks’ Viral VIP had a much easier time, opting to bite off a piece of the gross treat. This is the same person who grew up on pickled herring with her Russian family, so it makes sense. 

Cow Tongue

Barmageddon Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins is the definition of a no-nonsense man, so it takes a lot to take him down a peg. However, that’s exactly what happened after losing at Split Happens. He bravely spun the Wheel of Redemption and it landed on Cow Tongue, which is exactly what it sounds like. The duo cut off a massive piece of a cooked cow’s tongue and did their best to choke it down. 

For Adkins, that meant chewing the extremely dry piece of meat for about 15 minutes, clean through a commercial break. The last we saw of his endeavor to complete the challenge, he was chugging his drink just trying to get any moisture in his mouth to finish the job. 

Nails On A Chalk Board

Viral Vips, Carson Daly, Blake Shelton, Elle King, Nikki Bella, and Chris Young

When Elle King lost a game during her bout with Chris Young, she spun the Wheel only to find herself and her Viral VIP getting perhaps the worst punishment on the board … Nails on a Chalkboard. 

The duo stood there while Nikki Bella, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and the entirety of the crowd at Barmageddon donned earmuffs to block out the noise of Bella’s gloved hand scratching the heck out of a blackboard, producing the worst noise imaginable. Elle and her partner couldn’t do anything but grin and bear it until the host was satisfied with their punishment. 

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