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The 'Barmageddon' Viral VIPs From Episode 5 May Just Live Down Their Embarrassing Videos

The WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Brie Bella were joined by Viral VIPs trying to live down the videos that made them famous. 

By Tyler McCarthy

When Sasha Banks and Brie Bella went head to head on the latest episode of “Barmageddon,” they did so with two Viral VIPs who wanted to not only win the most ridiculous competition in town but chase a shot at redemption for a pair of embarrassing videos from their past. 

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This week, the two WWE Superstars were joined by Alina Zamorskaya and Jamie Bernier for a round of five bar games designed to give them a shot at being famous for something other than the videos that brought them there. For Alina, that was a disaster that took place at a kid’s birthday party. 

While lighting the sparkler candles, the flame somehow got away from her and set a whole table of cake, treats, flowers, and balloons aflame. Fortunately, she lived to tell the tale and informed Blake Shelton that no one was hurt as a result of the small fire. 

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“You just ruined her entire birthday but you did not burn the entire house down, right?” the country singer jokes. 

Joining her was Jamie, whose holiday mishap earned her a lot of attention on social media. In her video, she’s helping adjust a Christmas tree in her home when suddenly it comes toppling down on top of both her and her ex-husband, who was laying underneath the tree doing some work. 

As Shelton notes in the episode, she is laughing at the accident before checking to see if her ex was OK (he was, don't worry). 

Luckily, as with Alina’s video, Jamie’s mishap also resulted in no injuries, just a lot more work to make the living room look festive for the holiday season. Fortunately, everyone is safe and the duo has had the chance to look back at all that came with their 15 minutes of fame fondly. 

“I think the video is funny now and it’s something that will forever be brought up on every birthday,” Alina told USA Insider.  

“I feel thankful because if it weren't for the video, I would have never been given this fun opportunity to be on the show,” Jamie added. 

“Being on the show was a blast and an amazing experience,” she continued. “So, if a Christmas tree were to fall on me again, I would hope a camera was rolling somewhere.” 

Alina concluded: “I loved being a part of the show and it was honestly a blast. Opportunity at redemption was just the cherry on top.” 

Today, both women are enjoying the lives they’ve made for themselves since their videos went viral. For Alina, that means pursuing her modeling career, enjoying some cosplay, and making content focused on her love of video games. Meanwhile, Jamie will be spending the holiday season with her family and young kids, this time with a significantly more sturdy base for their Christmas tree. 

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