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Aim for Blake’s WHAT? Gabriel Iglesias, Jelly Roll & Barmageddon Cast Compete in Human Foosball

"I think I need a shield," says host Nikki Garcia as life-sized foosball gets hectic in the latest Barmageddon episode.

By Grace Jidoun
Play Fool's Ball with Blake Shelton and Special Guests!: Barmageddon S2 E4 Highlight

Human foosball and some raunchy humor make for an extra wild Barmageddon on Monday night, and we’ve got all the highlights. Putting a new spin on the popular tabletop soccer game, the latest episode of Blake Shelton’s reality TV game show dares to bring together standup comedian Gabriel Iglesias (Team Fluffy) and country crooner Jelly Roll (Team Jelly) in a competition where the balls go flying.

How does the game work?

How to Watch

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Prepare for the most gloriously strange bar game you’ve ever seen. At the Ole Red in Nashville, foosball becomes “Fool’s Ball,” which looks quite different from the game we all know and love. The contestants (aka “Fools”) are strapped to giant rods as they work with their teammates to score goals and block soccer balls. As host and wrestling hall-of-famer Nikki Garcia explains, “Unlike tiny foosball, there’s nobody controlling them, so they have to pull and jerk themselves.” Cue the funny-awkward moment where Blake looks at the camera and admits, “I’ve literally been doing that since I was 13.”

This time, the celebrity guests and their real-people teammates are joined by producers Carson Daly and Blake on the foosball “field,” which is captured in sweet aerial shots throughout the game. Every minute, an extra ball is added for up to four minutes. Whichever team-of-three scores the most goals will win the game.

The competition warmup gets off to a promising start when Carson of Team Fluffy yells: “Aim for Blake’s nuts!” As Bella blows the whistle, Carson brings his A-game and immediately scores the first point. Not to be outdone, Blake gives the ball such a wallop that it goes straight over the opposing team and lands in the audience behind them. Clearly, human foosball is more difficult than it looks.

Who are Gabriel Iglesias and Jelly Roll?

Without his signature Hawaiian shirt, you may not recognize Gabriel Iglesias, the famous comedian probably best known for his Comedy Central specials, “Hot and Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy,” where he jokingly explains the five levels: “Big,” “Healthy,” “Husky,” “Fluffy,” and “Oh hell, no.” His self-deprecating humor and ace storytelling skills have earned him close to a billion views on YouTube, but does that translate into human foosball expertise? We’ll see.

“Fluffy’s” rival goalie on Barmageddon is a rapper turned country star Jelly Roll, who won three CMT Music Awards earlier this year for his breakout 2021 hit “Son of a Sinner.” His new album, Whitsitt Chapel, touches on his hardscrabble past and how he overcame challenging obstacles. We know the inked-up singer will tap that fierceness for this episode’s game.

Things heat up during the multi-ball rounds

As more balls are added, both celebrity goalies do a bang-up job blocking goals. Perhaps taking Carson’s earlier advice to heart, his real-person contestant kicks a ball straight into Jelly Roll’s, ahem, nether regions, bringing the singer almost to his knees. Meanwhile, Nikki comments from the sidelines, “Nice shot.”

As both teams manage to score, we hear a “hell yeah!” and “let’s go!” from our brave goalies.

For more crazy competitions and to find out who can claim the title of Human Foosball champion, tune into Barmageddon on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network — and catch up on previous episodes of Barmageddon only on Peacock.