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Where Are the Cast Members From Couple to Throuple Now? Who's Got "The Fire Burning"?

After the Couple to Throuple experiment, there was a marriage proposal, a total breakup, and one enduring "very happy throuple." 

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Was three a charm? In Peacock’s Couple to Throuple, five couples tried polyamory on for size to see if the lifestyle worked for them.

The lab for the experiment was a remote island. At the end of the trial run, couples and the respective singles they selected had to decide if they’d commit to continuing their throuple in the real world.

In Episode 10, most of the threesomes did choose to move forward. But what happened once they left the secluded bubble? Brace for a few surprises

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Where are the couples from Couple to Throuple now?

Dylan, Laura, and Jess

Lauren, Dylan, Corey, Wilder, Rehman, Ashmal, Sean, and Brittne appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Lauren Bair, 29, and Dylan Bair, 32, of Fountain Hills, Arizona, run an apparel business and are the only married pair on Couple to Throuple. They clicked with fitness guru Jess Olson.

Jess had a roadblock about the pace at which the couple would expect the threelationship to turn physical. But she overcame her concern and the trio came to a consensus. “I feel prepared to take polyamory into the real world and into our marriage,” said Lauren.

After leaving the resort, Dylan, Lauren, and Jess continued “to flex their throuple IRL,” according to Couple to Throuple. But with the married couple in Arizona and Jess in Texas, the distance became an issue and their threelationship ended two months later. They remain friends.

Maximo, Ashlee, and Becca

Maximo and Ashley, both 27, are from Bushwick, New York. After expressing interest in two other singles, they arrived at the show’s finale with Becca Calb.

They were invited to meet in the middle of a platform if they wanted to continue the three-way, but when the time came, no one budged. They all harbored too many concerns about commitment. “We can truly search for someone that aligns with us,” said Max.

Becca accepted her single status, saying, “I feel better than I've ever felt."

Max and Ash are still looking for the perfect third in the NYC poly scene. Meanwhile, Becca is living her best life and has pledged to never be a second — or third — option again.

Brittne, Sean and Darrien

Brittne and Sean appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Brittne Babe, 28, a celebrity personal trainer, and Sean Williams, 30, a music producer, are both from Los Angeles, California. New to non-monogamy, they felt a deep attraction to meditation guide Darrien Seqqoya

Despite concerns the three had about commitment and of exclusivity, they all met in the middle. “I got two beautiful ladies over here,” said Sean.

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Brittne, Sean, and Darrien continued to date when they returned home to L.A. But things ended amicably between the couple and their third due to difference in career commitments. The three are no longer in touch.

That said, Sean asked Brittne to marry him.

Ashmal, Rehman, and Jonathan

Ashmal and Rehman appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Chicago attorney Ashmal Ali, 27, and partner Rehman Bhatti, 31, a public relations pro, of Detroit, Michigan, are Couple to Throuple’s only pair in a same-sex relationship. They came to the finale with Jonathan Intriago.

The three endured rocky ups and downs — and swaps — and came to appreciate the challenges to physical and emotional connections and communication. Nonetheless, the three met in the middle.

After the show ended, the three men continued seeing each other, with Jonathan visiting Chicago on a regular basis. That lasted three months. Then Ashmal ended the throuple and — wait for it — his relationship with Rehman. Jonathan and Rehman maintained a relationship for just a short while. Ashmal and Rehman remain best friends, but neither have been in touch with Jonathan.

Corey, Wilder, and Denyse

Wilder and Corey appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Set designer Corey Potter, 29, of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and photographer Wilder Bunke, 30, of Los Angeles came to explore polyamory. They invited Playboy Bunny Denyse Davis to join their relationship and never looked back.

Things went so well that the three left the show about midway through the experiment. “We’re ready to be out in the real world and put this real throuple to the test,” said Corey. 

After leaving the experiment, the trio maintained their threelationship, despite living in different states. What's more, Denyse is hoping to make the move to L.A. soon. They continue to travel together and “keep the fire burning as a very happy throuple.”

To catch up on all the relationship twists and turns, watch Couple to Throuple, streaming now on Peacock.