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Here's Everything to Know About the Host of Couple to Throuple, Scott Evans

The minute Scott Evans heard about Couple to Throuple he wanted in. Here's why.

By Joe Dziemianowicz
Scott Evans hosts Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The exuberant TV and radio entertainment journalist Scott Evans said that was his happy response when he was asked to host Couple to Throuple, airing Feb. 8 on Peacock.

“It was a no-brainer for me to be part of this,” he told NBC Insider in advance of the provocative show’s premiere. In fact, Evans has wanted to be onboard since he first heard about the show.

I was, like, banging on people’s doors,” he said. “Hello … how can I be a part of this?”

Evans was ready to do research, lead focus groups, you name it. Between his nonstop energy and personal relationship experiences, Evans was the perfect choice to be the host with the most.

Who is the host of Couple to Throuple? All About Scott Evans

Couple to Throuple is the latest career high for Emmy-nominated entertainment journalist Scott Evans, who launched his on-air career anchoring the Peabody Award-winning program Channel One News.

In addition to Couple to Throuple, Evans hosts NBCUniversal’s nationally syndicated entertainment news show Access Hollywood and the talk show Access Daily with Mario &Kit.

Scott Evans hosts Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

He's previously appeared on his weekday Amp morning radio show, It’s Go Time with Scott Evans. Behind the scenes, Evans is on the Television Academy Foundation’s board of directors.

Evans’ earlier hosting gigs include NBC’s World of Dance, USA Network’s America’s Big Deal and weekly live talk show OWN Tonight.

Evans’ array of professional experience no doubt came in handy while hosting Couple to Throuple. After all, pushing boundaries on love and sexuality is bound to lead to unpredictable results. 

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The series follows four couples in a tropical paradise exploring polyamory. That’s three or more people, not the typical two, in a mutually consensual romantic relationshipEvans’ own experiences in ethical non-monogamy fueled his desire to be part of the show when he heard that it was in the works at Peacock.

His personal version of a vision board included being “the guide for a destination dating show that was inherently queer … and not your typical heteronormative experience,” he said.

When the opportunity came to him to host Couple to Throuple, he didn’t hesitate: “I was, like, ‘I will accept this role.’”

Over the course of the show, four couples select men and women from a group of singles to join them in their relationships.

Dylan, Lauren, Sean, Brittne, Ashmal, and Rehman appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

The official trailer for Couple to Throuple notes that it’s a reality show with an open mindsex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard, and, as Evans quips in the teaser, “a bed big enough for three.

Reflecting on how he navigated challenging choices and shifts in his own intimate relationships, Evans told NBC Insider, “I wish that I would have had Dr. Shamyra and this beautiful location with these beautiful people. 

Luckily, these couples have that support as they explore a new kind of relationship.

This show is going to surprise from beginning to end,” he told NBC Insider.

That includes the choices couples make over the course of the series that lead to twists, turns, and plenty of drama.

“The goal here was to broaden people’s horizons, to open their minds, and to provide them a safe place to try something different,” Evans said.

He paused, then added, “I can't wait for you to see how it turns out.”

Couple to Throuple premieres on Peacock on Feb. 8.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Gomulka

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