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They're Looking to Experiment in Their Relationship: Meet the Cast of Couple to Throuple

Four couples mingle with 14 open-minded singles to test the waters of a polyamorous lifestyle on Peacock's new dating show.

By Jax Miller
Denyse Davis, Sanu Stevens, Mia O’Neil, Sadie Clark, Darrien Seqqoya, Jonathan Intriago, Becca Calb, Junior Ford, Jess Olson, Lina Chang, Frank Edward, Peach Blackmon, and Chris Fenlon appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Four curious couples must navigate the world of polyamory in the upcoming Peacock original series Couple to Throuple.

Each of the eight players will test the waters of having multiple partners when meeting a batch of like-minded singles. Set against an idyllic tropical island, each person must socialize before deciding whether there’s room for three in their existing relationship.

“With three times the fun, the feelings, and drama, these relationships are put through the ultimate test to see if they are the perfect match,” according to the show’s announcement. “At the end of their time in paradise, the couples will decide if their hearts have room for more than just ‘the one’ and commit as a throuple, go home as they arrived, or leave separately.”

Meet the new Couple to Throuple castmates who’ll have to decide whether three really is a crowd.

Rehman Bhatti & Ashmal Ali

Ashmal and Rehman appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Chicago attorney Ashmal Ali, 27, and partner Rehman Bhatti, 31, of Detroit, Michigan are Couple to Throuple’s only pair in a same-sex relationship, as seen in the show’s official trailer.

“I’m bisexual, and he’s more of a don’t-knock-it-‘til-you-try-sexual,” Ali told producers.  

Ali is a Michigan State University law grad, as featured on his Instagram page, and works in family law for Chicago’s Gaynor Law, per his LinkedIn. He holds more than seven years of legal experience within private and non-profit practice, and previously worked as a Chicago-based associate attorney for an insurance defense firm, according to his attorney bio.

“In his free time, Ashmal enjoys traveling, performing stand-up comedy, and searching for the best southern barbecue in Chicago,” the bio states.

Bhatti, meanwhile, works in P.R., according to his Instagram, which boasts a handful of colorful photos of him and Ali, including a popsicle-melting shot of the men on the beach.

Brittne Babe & Sean Williams

Brittne and Sean appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Brittne Babe, 28, and Sean Williams, 30, both from Los Angeles, California, are bringing the heat to Couple to Throuple.

Brittne is a celebrity personal trainer with more than 2 million followers on Instagram, which is no wonder given her high-profile clientele, including Jada Pinkett Smith and fam. The Babe Fitness founder and BrittCamp app creator continues to run specialized fitness training programs that are perfect for those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.

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Joining her on Couple to Throuple is music producer Sean Williams, who has quite the following on the music scene. According to the People We Love podcast, Williams’ hip-hop journey has had him working with the likes of Skrillex and Diplo.

As stated in the Couple to Throuple official trailer, this will be the first time Brittne or Sean have tried being in a three-person relationship. It may be stormy weather ahead, which probably won’t be remedied by Williams’ “uncontrollable boners," as seen in the trailer.

Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke

Wilder and Corey appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Corey Potter, 29, of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and Wilder Bunke, 30, of Los Angeles, also join the cast of Couple to Throuple to see if non-monogamy works for them.

Potter’s vivid Instagram profile explodes with sparkle and color, bringing audiences a mix of bubblegum neon and fairy wings to audiences. Her bio states she’s a set designer and “spicy” editor who loves plants, music festivals, and funky clothes.

Potter’s beau, Bunke, is a photographer who seems to prefer being on the road, though he is currently based in California, according to his Instagram. Much of Bunke’s work has taken him to some extraordinary places, including Post Malone concerts and national parks.

Of course, Potter is also a frequent subject of Bunke’s work.

Lauren Bair and Dylan Bair

Dylan and Lauren appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Lauren Bair, 29, and Dylan Bair, 32, of Fountain Hills, Arizona, are the only married pair on Couple to Throuple. On January 13, 2024, they even announced they would be “Bair-ents” to a new baby, expected in July.

Lauren and Dylan run Manifested, an apparel business offering psychic readings by Lauren.

According to the website, Lauren is “a gifted psychic medium” who “realized that her intuition went beyond simple awareness.” She uses her talents to help clients connect to the spiritual world, using oracle cards, pendulums, and internal communication.

Before opening Manifested in 2022, Dylan created Bair Aesthetics. Per his Instagram bio, Dylan is a registered dietician who met Lauren — then a registered nurse — through his company, and the two began their journey in 2013, largely based on a shared passion for body-building.  

Couple to Throuple will help them learn whether three is better than two in terms of relationships.

The Singles

Denyse Davis, Sanu Stevens, Mia O’Neil, Sadie Clark, Darrien Seqqoya, Jonathan Intriago, Becca Calb, Junior Ford, Jess Olson, Lina Chang, Frank Edward, Peach Blackmon, and Chris Fenlon appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

After the four couples have settled into their island resort, 14 open-minded singles arrive to shake things up. Relationship coach Sanu Stevens, meditation guide Darrien Seqqoya, fitness guru Jess Olson, and Playboy Bunny Denyse Davis are just a few women on the single-and-ready-to-mingle side of Couple to Throuple.

With far more women than men in the show, model and exotic dancer Dejha “Peach” Blackmon of Miami, Florida, and Canadian Becca Calb also join the singles’ team.

The other women there to tempt the show’s couples are up-and-coming influencer Mia Pheonix, N.S.F.W. model Sadie Clark, and relationship designer Lina Chang.

For the men, Chris Fenlon, John Intriago, content creator Francis Ford Jr., and Frank Edward will also be guests on the island.

Tune in when the first three episodes of Couple to Throuple drop on Thursday, February 8, 2024, on Peacock.