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Love Island USA Narrator Iain Sterling Shares Secret to Making the Show Funny: "It's So Dumb!"

Love Island USA is a show that's made by the narration of Iain Stirling. Now he's sharing his secrets to all the comedy in his work.

By Tyler McCarthy
Ian Stirling smiling and posing on the red carpet at the 2022 BRIT Awards

Love Island USA is just one of the many international formats of the great reality series concept. While it has found success in many countries that speak many different languages, one man helped set the tone for what the show is thanks to his hilarious narration. But does he have any advice to replicate that success?

After acting as the resident narrator voice for both the U.S.A. and U.K. versions of Love Island, the incomparable Iain Stirling is pretty synonymous with the series and its success. Even if diehard fans aren’t able to pick his face out of a lineup, they can certainly identify him the very moment he speaks. So, one would think he has all the tricks of the trade up his sleeve, but that’s not quite the case. 

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Speaking with USA Insider, the comedian noted that he is often asked by his counterparts on other versions of the show if he has any advice for them. Sadly, he revealed he often struggles to answer them.

“I don’t really tell them anything,” he said. “I guess my only advice would be just [what’s funny]. The thing we’ve got lucky with Love Island is there’s a thing about it that is like, at its core, funny. Like, there’s something ridiculous about really good-looking people being in a house all the time, trying to flirt with each other. Like it’s so dumb!“ 

He added: “So like you, you’ve just got to f---ing zoom in on that and just keep that in your mind. That what is it about this that’s so ridiculous? And when I’m doing the voiceover, why do I find it so stupid? And then just play with that, really.”

As for his own work on the Love Island franchise, Sterling famously does both the U.S.A. and U.K. versions of the show. Fortunately, he doesn’t notice much of a difference these days when it comes to writing for the two different shows. In fact, he was pleased to see Season 5 of Love Island USA get back to the series’ “British roots.” 

“Last year the US one there was a bigger difference because we had to have more of a team because it was such a tight schedule,’ he explained. “There were more people involved. Whereas this year it’s sort of back to me, it’s back to the British roots of me and Mark [Busk-Cowley] in a room watching it and writing jokes about it. That’s what we feel the most comfortable doing.” 

So, the expert himself believes that Season 5 will be different than previous Love Island USA years by getting back to the special sauce that made the original British version such a smashing success. Decide for yourself if that’s true by tuning into Love Island USA every night. 

Watch Love Island USA Season 5 on Peacock six days a week.

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