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Love Island USA Season 5: Meet the New Casa Amor Bombshells Here to Tempt the Couples

The best part of every Love Island USA season is here. Meet the Casa Amor bombshells for Season 5.

By Tyler McCarthy
Split image of three Love Island Casa Amor singles

Just when you were getting used to the usual gang on Love Island USA, the trusty Casa Amor twist is here to completely shake up the game and tempt the strong (and not-so-strong) couples into looking elsewhere for love. But who will be doing the tempting? 

As all Love Island USA fans know, Casa Amor means the game takes a structural turn that makes it look a little bit more like Temptation Island as the guys and girls separate and test their connections by having a total of 13 new bombshells come to give their eye something to wander to. This season was an embarrassment of riches when it comes to spicy new men and women joining the cast who viewers will get to know as they date in Casa Amor and the villa proper. But for those who are too impatient (you know, the type to Google someone before your first date), we’ve got everything there is to know about the new bombshells making up Casa Amor in Season 5. 

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Isiah “Zay” Harayda

Love Island Casa Amor single Zay

Age: 23
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Occupation: Executive Sales Rep

When it comes to an active lifestyle, you can’t beat Zay. The Long Island native, who comes from diverse Puerto Rican, Italian and Ukrainian roots, is all about that outdoor life. The type of woman who can light a fire in his heart is the type of woman who can light a fire in the wilderness. He’s also a military man, having served in the US Air Force for the past 4 years. When he’s not doing his duty, hiking or playing sports, he’s pursuing his other passion — buying way too much cologne. 

Eddie Brown

Love Island Casa Amor single Eddie

Age: 26
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Occupation: Bouncer & NFL Free Agent

Eddie is a big man in the general big man business. He once tried out for the WWE, but that didn’t work out for him. Instead, the former tight end at Prairie View A&M University made his way to the NFL where he is a current free agent with aspirations to tryout this summer. However, his go-to dating move isn’t to flex his muscles but rather his culinary skills. He considers himself an excellent cook and says his DMs are at their busiest after he posts one of his delicious meals on Instagram. 

Matia Marcantuoni

Love Island Casa Amor single Matia

Age: 29
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Clothing Brand Owner

Yet another professional athlete, Matia was drafted to the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins at 18 years old. However, a shoulder injury forced him to pivot his career away from athletics. Fortunately, he made it work. He took his passion for fashion and now owns a clothing collection that’s sold throughout Canada in department stores. So, he’ll for sure be among the best looking at the recoupling ceremonies should it come to it. As for his love life, he says he’s looking for a relationship that can stack up to his very loving parents’ relationship. Perhaps the most interesting thing about him, though, is that he has fragariaphobia.

Rob Rausch

Love Island Casa Amor single Rob

Age: 24
Hometown: Florence, AL
Occupation: Snake Wrangler

Rob is most likely the most fearless person in the Love Island USA cast. Why? Because he is a snake wrangler and the worst has happened to him — he’s been bitten by many snakes including a venomous one and he’s still alive to tell the tale on first dates. That’s the kind of hardened exterior one gets by growing up in a trailer in a small town with three siblings. His dangerous lifestyle makes him live his life without much of a filter and he’s hoping to find someone who is OK with that. 

Brandon Janse Van Vuuren

Love Island Casa Amor single Brandon

Age: 22
Hometown Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation: College Student & Behavioral Tech

Growing up with a Lebanese mother and an Afrikaans father, Brandon developed a smoothness in both English and Afrikaans that gave him an impressive high school accolade. He held the highest kiss count of all his peers. However, that doesn’t mean he’s all playboy. He recently got out of a four-year relationship just last December. So, he’s newly on the market and needs to decide if he’s going to fall into his old patterns or slot himself into a new long-term couple. 

Kyle Darden

Love Island Casa Amor single Kyle

Age: 24
Hometown: Queens, NY
Occupation: Soccer Coach

Kyle would describe himself as a music nerd first and foremost. He began playing the violin at the age of 10 and continues to do so. When it comes to professional aspirations, he has followed his love of soccer. It’s a big part of his life and he continues to pay the bills by acting as a children’s coach, a job that he absolutely loves. He’s a man of simple pleasures, having only had a steak dinner once in his entire life. However, he’s hoping he can meet a woman who will show him a lot more new things and someone he can share his two big passions with. 

Taylor Smith

Love Island Casa Amor single Taylor S

Age: 24
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Occupation: Hotel Manager

Taylor loves a man with swagger who is also career driven. She is looking for someone who can push her to keep up and do great things in her life. That’s not to say that she needs a man to drive her. In fact, she’s never even been in a relationship. Instead, she was spending her time as a competitive golf player for the last 15 years. Her favorite thing to do is bring dates to the driving range to see if they’re intimidated by her skills. She also needs a man who is OK with her ever-changing looks since she has a passion for wearing different wigs. 

Dasja Johnson

Love Island Casa Amor single Dasja

Age: 27
Hometown: Harrells, NC
Occupation: Data Processing Specialist

Ready? OK! Dasja developed a passion for cheerleading early in life going from middle school to high school to college to the big times. She previously cheered for the Carolina Panthers (NFL) and currently cheers for the Charlotte Hornets. Her cheery demeanor comes from being raised by a young mother in a house with three sisters and four brothers. She always prided herself on being the spunkiest among them and lightening up every room. That early chaos has made her value consistency in a partner and grows frustrated quickly when she doesn’t see it. 

Allie Ryan

Love Island Casa Amor single Allie

Age: 28
Hometown: Madison, WI
Occupation: Nursing Student

Allie is in the general "helping and being kind to people" business. Her dad is the town mortician and her mom is a hospice nurse. She’s currently studying to follow in her mom’s footsteps professionally. Personally, though, she’s using what she learned from her dad to have a zest for life, taking up hobbies like tubing, snowmobiling, skiing and dancing. When it comes to dating, her secret weapon is to befriend her boy’s mother. Sadly, she’ll have trouble doing that in the Love Island USA villa, but she believes she’ll be able to figure out a new way to lock down the man of her choice. 

Ashley Sims

Love Island Casa Amor single Ashley

Age: 23
Hometown: Jefferson City, MO
Occupation: Beverage Cart Attendant & College Student

Ashley grew up in a diverse household. Her mom is Mexican and Spanish while her dad is a country boy from Missouri. That gave her a love early on of experiencing different cultures, which she pursued by studying abroad in Korea in college. Since then, she’s traveled across Asia and Europe and even lived in Greece, South Korea, Japan and the US… all last year alone! When it comes to dating, in addition to a man who likes to travel, she believes she has a knack for turning bad boys good. Let’s see if that actually works out in the Love Island USA villa. 

Taylor Chemlka

Love Island Casa Amor single Taylor C

Age: 23
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Advertising Account Manager

Taylor grew up in a suburb of San Diego, which allowed her to spend most of her time outdoors and continues to love backpacking and reading books rather than staying inside reading on her phone. When she hits the Love Island USA villa, she may spend more time befriending the ladies rather than getting to know the men. She was the oldest of her siblings growing up and tends to pride herself on being in a responsible mentorship position. The hope is that seeing that responsibility will be a turn-on for one of the guys. 

Johnnie Garcia

Love Island Casa Amor single Johnnie

Age: 25
Hometown: Whittier, CA
Occupation: Administrative Manager

While some may be looking for stability in a relationship, Johnnie has never quite lived that life. She grew up in a big, diverse household where most of her time was spent fighting for attention among her four sisters and four brothers. In addition to the chaos at home, her social life was always in flux. She has been enrolled in 13 different schools so she’s no stranger to change. That can mean she’ll have a discerning eye for a relationship since she’s not afraid to simply uproot everything and move on if something isn’t working. 

Najah Fleary

Love Island Casa Amor single Najah

Age: 25
Hometown: Bladensburg, MD
Occupation: Nursing Student

When it comes to commitment, Najah isn’t afraid of it. In fact, she tends to find it everywhere she goes. Growing up around various animals she rescued, she was always willing to bring new life into hers for the long haul. At one point she owned six pets at once and continues to be on the lookout for anyone who may need her. This leads her to sometimes fall in love a little too quickly and be ready to plan a whole life with someone after just a short time of dating. She also is always on the lookout for someone to date — she once had three dates in one day.

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