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A New Couple Has Arrived on Couple to Throuple: The Latest Mind-Blowing Twist, Explained

Maximo and Ashlee aren't the only new arrivals at the island resort, either. Here's what to know.

By Joe Dziemianowicz
Lauren, Dylan, Corey, Wilder, Rehman, Ashmal, Sean, and Brittne appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Just when duos exploring polyamory on Peacock’s Couple to Throuple thought they had a handle on what was happening on the island retreat, they were tossed a major mind-blower.

The shakeup came at the end of Episode 4 during a Garden of Eden-themed party. The source arrived in teeny black bikinis built to make heads turn, eyes pop, and tongues wag. A new couple has arrived to take place in the polyamory experiment that is Couple to Throuple.

Just before the switcheroo came, the show’s host Scott Evans reminded the players anything can happen on Couple to Throuple.

“Please join me in welcoming our newest couple to the resort: Maximo and Ashlee!” Scott said.

Will this “shake up the dynamic that we have established?” one partygoer wondered after the news. It's a reasonable question. After all, this new couple could bond with one of the several singles at the resort — and even take one from the other couples.

Here's what to know about Maximo and Ashlee:

Who is the new couple on Couple to Throuple, Maximo and Ashlee?

Maximo and Ashley, both 27, are from Bushwick, New York.

“Our love throws gender norms out the window,” said Maximo, who is an artist, dancer, model, and photographer, according to Instagram.

Maximo and Ashlee are open to all kinds of love, they explained upon their arrival.

“We really don't care what's between your legs but if you do, let us show you why you shouldn't!” added Ashee, who’s “trans, non-binary & pan,” according to her Instagram profile.

“Coming into this we’ve always been nonmonogamous but it was always separate,” said Maximo. “I was mainly dating men. Ashlee was primarily dating women. So Ash and I are excited to try this out for the first time."

“This is a time for us to actually lean in,” added Ashlee, who scanned the crowd and decided that the others in paradise were “hot, hot, hot."

Dylan, Lauren, Sean, Brittne, Ashmal, and Rehman appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Being new to the experiment, Ashlee and Max got access to the resort’s most luxurious suite that, up until their arrival, had been kept a secret from everyone. 

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Already, the couple has made a splash on the show. They hung out with Junior and later described feeling “a lot of sexual energy” with Junior. Later on they had a date with Becca, who’d been swapped out by Lauren and Dylan, and shared a juicy three-way kiss. 

Max and Ash also have Derrien and Jonathan on their radar, which has potential for drama, considering their respective relationships with Sean and Brittnee, and Ashmal and Rehman.

Who are the two new singles, Olivia and Brody, on Couple to Throuple?

Meanwhile, after Corey, Wilder, and Denyse decide to leave the experiment and start life as a triad, Couple to Throuple dropped another surprise.

“I know that everybody is still kind of dealing with the exit of Corey, Wilder, and Denyse, but I will tell you for every exit there is also an entrance,” Scott explained.

That meant two new singles would arrive at the resort.

Scott Evans hosts Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

“Please join me in welcoming Olivia and Brody,” he declared. “Give it up for Olivia and Brody …  these two are single and ready to mingle.”

While we don’t get to find out too much about either of these newcomers, they both acknowledge they’re game for anything.

“I’m honestly just open to whatever,” said Olivia.

And Brody?

“My vibe is anyone I vibe with,” he explained.

What impact will that have? Just like Scott Evans said earlier, anything can happen. 

Find out what does on Couple to Throuple. New episodes drop on Thursdays on Peacock.

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