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The Love Island USA Season 5 Finalists Reveal If They’re Still Together

Love Island USA Season 5 has come to an end and the finalists are opening up about life after the show and their plans for the future. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Love Island's Final four couples sitting on a couch with host Sarah Hyland.

Summer has come and gone since Love Island USA Season 5's winners were crowned, but as everyone knows, that’s an eternity in reality TV time. When the cameras go off and the vacation brain subsides, many a strong couple has called it quits almost immediately. Was that the case for any of the top four finalists this season? 

USA Insider caught up with all four couples and they each gave us an update on their current relationship status as well as their plans for the future now that they’re not waking up in the same bed every day. Here’s the place to find out if your favorites from this season are still going strong, on the rocks, or straight-up done!

Are Carmen and Kenzo Still Together?

Kenzo Nudo and Carmen Kocourek on a beach embracing.

These two coupled up very quickly upon Kenzo entering the villa as a new bombshell. Ultimately, they came in fourth place on Season 5 and Carmen revealed that they both expected to place there since their relationship simply worked from the beginning with very little drama to speak of — Their little tiff after the heart rate challenge notwithstanding. 

Viewers who saw their relationship will not be surprised to hear that since leaving Love Island USA, they’re still together. 

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“It’s been my favorite time,” Carmen said of their post-show time. “Even just staying in the hotel after and now being in LA, it’s just nice to be with each other and even be with our friends. Just be able to get to do whatever we want, you know?” 

She added that nothing has changed since the finale and they’ve just been soaking up all the “firsts” they get to do in the real world with each other. They both noted it was novel to simply go to a Starbucks together and order coffee. 

As for next steps in their relationship, they have plans to travel together to meet each other’s respective families. That will both deepen their relationship while allowing them to continue to spend every day together for the foreseeable future. After that, Kenzo still plans to make good on his promise that a proposal is imminent. Carmen added that they’re eyeing for a year, "maybe less."

“I would always see reality TV and people just met each other and they would fall in love and they would cry and I was like, ‘Dude, you guys just met. Like, there’s no way that’s real’” Kenzo concluded. “Just being in it, it was so crazy because it actually is real, you know? Like, you spend so much time with that person and I was there for a month! We spent every single day together, 24-7 and so, feelings grow so, so quick and I fell for her so fast and, yeah. It was truly special.”

Carmen took to Instagram to post some pictures from a fashion event in Scottsdale at the end of September. And, of course, Kenzo was there by her side the whole time.

Are Taylor and Bergie Still Together?

Taylor Smith and Carsten Bergersen drinking cocktails and cheersing while on a date.

Taylor came in as a Casa Amor bombshell and had her eye on Bergie right away after having watched the previous episodes. Once they coupled up, it was mostly smooth sailing for the duo as she introduced Bergie to the wonderful world of having a girlfriend.

Now that their time on the island is over and they ultimately placed third, did their bond last? Yes, Taylor and Bergie are still together, although not physically. 

After the show, Bergie had a personal matter back home that required his presence. So, he said a temporary goodbye to his girlfriend and went back home. It’s unfortunate that distance presented an immediate hurdle for the couple after filming ended since Bergie expressed apprehension about that very thing before the finale. 

Is that still the case outside the villa? No. 

“My family is trying to plan a flight right now for Taylor to come out next week,” he said. “So, we’re working on that right now and then after that, I plan to go visit her.” 

As for Taylor, she’s impressed with the way long distance has been going so far. 

“Yeah, honestly, we’ve been doing pretty good,” she revealed. “We’ve been having five-hour FaceTimes with each other since we got back home. I mean, I miss him a lot. It’s weird not being in bed with him every night too and not having him near me. So, I do think that the distance thing is going to work because it’s going to make us realize those moments that we do get to see each other, we’re going to really cherish those moments.”

Recently, Taylor visited Bergie in Minnesota where she posted to her Instagram story to celebrate National Boyfriend Day.

Are Kassy and Leo Still Together?

Kassandra Castillo and Leonardo Dionicio embracing while on a date on Love Island USA Season 5.

Kassy and Leo started as a couple on day one and then separated when he was stolen by another girl in a recoupling. They made their way back to each other before yet another rift drove them apart during Casa Amor. Ultimately, after a very lengthy process that involved eating crow to win her back, Kassy forgave Leo and they ultimately placed second in Season 5. But with all their ups and downs, did the relationship last? 

Sadly, no. Things started out strong for a few months. They decided to skip their flights back home from California and spend some extra time together before going home. When they spoke with USA Insider, they were both very much still in love and had plans for the future. 

“Yeah, after six weeks and a couple more days, you would think you would be sick of someone,” Leo said. “But, for some reason, I would never ever want to be away from this girl!” 

Kassy noted at the time that after they go back home, they’re immediately going to get family visits in the books starting with her visiting him and meeting his family on his birthday next month. 

“So, we have so many plans, we just need to figure out dates and I’m excited. I know long distance isn’t the best, but we’re going to make the best out of it,” she said. “Once we’re together, we’re going to appreciate the moment, because we know it’s only a limited amount of time we have together. So, we’re going to have good weekends, for sure, good vacations.” 

Kassy posted a sweet birthday message to her man on Instagram in September: "Happy birthday to my best friend, who also happens to be the love of my life❤️ If it wasn't for @loveislandusa I wouldn't have met my other half. You get me in so many ways. Thank you for bringing out the best version of me, letting me take .5 pictures of you (even though I know you hate them), putting a smile on my face everyday, and just showing me how special I am to you in every way," she wrote.

The two seemingly kept the long distance visits going for a few months but ultimately called it quits. In October, Leo took to Instagram to share a message letting his fans know.

"Kassy and I are no longer together. No bad blood between us, Just simply wasn’t working anymore and distance was a big factor. Thank you all for the support through our journey this summer as we are both very grateful for the experience," he wrote on his Instagram Stories. 

Kassy has not yet addressed the breakup publicly. While Leo said there's no bad blood between them, he recently had a curt response to a fan saying he wants them to get back together in the comments of an Instagram post. 

"No thanks," he said. 

Are Hannah and Marco Still Together?

Hannah Wright wearing a yellow gown and Marco Donatelli wearing a black suit together in an outdoor decorated space.

And your winners are… Hannah and Marco! After coupling up almost immediately after she entered the villa on the second day, there was no stopping Hannah and Marco. Not only did they have a physical attraction, but the duo showcased their emotional connection too as he became very vulnerable about his personal life. But did things last after they left Love Island

Once again, yes! 

Hannah and Marco left the show and immediately went to her hometown and have been staying with her family ever since. 

“Her family has taken me in as, like, a son,” Marco said. “Which is an awesome time. I’m here at her family’s house right now. I’m actually going to get my toes done with her dad later, Because we, you know, we haven’t got our toes done for a while… I think it’s going to be a special moment. They’re accepting me as a son, I’m having a blast with them. Her mom’s such a sweetheart.”

Hannah noted that they planned this trip to her family’s house while they were still in the villa, which is how sure they were they’d be together once the cameras stopped rolling. However, it was a seemingly mundane moment on the outside that truly solidified their bond. 

“Honestly, for me, it’s been like, ‘Wow, I could really do life with this person.’ Because I feel like all of us who left the villa in a couple were OK. We all are a little nervous. How is it going be on the outside? Like, are things going to change?” she explained. “But, first thing we did, we went to Walmart when we were out here, we got some things at Walmart, we went to Chipotle, and it’s just like, things just flow and it just feels right. So, knowing that he could be just a positive addition to my life has just been such a great thing.” 

Marco explained that they spent every day together for so many weeks on the show that they both can’t fathom spending time apart from each other now. However, they plan to do the long-distance thing until he graduates and after that, they’ll get serious about a future in the same location. However, he’s no fool and recognizes that he has a teacher for a girlfriend now — who better to help him graduate? 

“I’ll be his study buddy. Like, I’m good at school. We can do this,” Hannah added. “Little studying, hacks I have, we got this.” 

To close out the summer right, the pair took a trip to Mexico and took some cute (and cheeky) pictures on a boat overlooking gorgeous blue water.

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Originally published Aug 31, 2023.

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