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Love Island USA Gets Tense After Casa Amor Recoupling: "It's Disgusting!"

Kassy and Leo seemed like they had a strong bond on Love Island USA Season 5. But Casa Amor brought them down a very different path.

By Tyler McCarthy
Love Island USA's Leo and Kassy

Love Island USA is in full swing and the love language got pretty tense at the top of this week as Kassy Castillo figured out in one very sudden moment that Leo Dionicio had betrayed their connection in what can only be described as the biggest way possible.

As with most Love Island USA seasons, the heated exchange and hurt feelings coincided with the conclusion of Casa Amor, when a blind recoupling let everyone know if their partners had strayed in the less than one week they were apart. For some of the stronger couples, it was no big deal, for others like Keenan Anunay and Kay Kay Gray… Not so much. However, perhaps the most explosive recoupling happened when Leo finally had to face the music over his decision to have sex with Johnnie Garcia while Kassy was away. 

What Happened With Kassy and Leo on Love Island USA

Love Island USA Season 5's Kassy

OK, to backtrack a bit: Leo and Kassy made a pretty early connection in the villa and, despite a few bumps in the road, their connection only grew as time went on. So much so that by the time Casa Amor came around, they had basically each said they were falling in love with the other. Things looked pretty strong for both of them. Their connection had been tested and, frankly, it seemed like what they developed was legit and could withstand temptation… Then Casa Amor happened. 

On night one, before the new ladies showed up, Leo was all talk about how much he missed Kassy and how much he found cuddling up with her to be the best thing in his life. Then the new ladies came in and he learned that Kassy was replaceable to him. Enter Johnnie into his life and bed. 

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Meanwhile, Kassy wasn’t exactly keeping herself off the market. On night one, she joined most of the ladies in opening herself up to new possibilities with the boys in Casa Amor, finding an immediate attraction with the heavily tattooed Matia Marcantuoni.

What Happened With Kassy and Leo After Casa Amor? 

The ladies were shocked at Casa Amor by a video that revealed things like Marco’s ex coming to the villa, Keenan’s under-the-blanket activities with Najah Fleary and that Johnnie had confessed to having sex with someone. Although they didn’t know who, all the ladies came back to the villa looking to see who Johnnie was coupled up with and were stunned to see it was Leo of all people. The last they knew, he was professing his love to Kassy.

No one, though, was more shocked than Kassy, who re-entered the villa having decided to recouple with Matia thinking she was about to break Leo’s heart. Instead, she found herself with justification and permission to give him the verbal beat-down of the season. 

“That’s disgusting, I thought I knew you but I don’t know you so, do you,” she said upon realizing that her man was the one to have sex during the Casa Amor split. 

At the behest of host Sarah Hyland, she seized the opportunity to talk up her new man. 

“I’m happy I’m with a mature guy who is respectful,” she said. “I remember going in and I was telling the girls how I really wanted to go back to the villa and then I met Matia and he’s, like I said, mature and wise and I brought him back to have more time with him and see if our connection could be stronger than what I had with Leo.” 

She added: “But now I’m just going to give him my 100 percent because I know he’s going to give me his 100 percent. So, I’m happy I made this decision now.” 

As if things weren’t tense enough, Hyland asked if the video had any sway over her decision and she admitted that it didn’t. She confessed that Leo being the person to outright cheat didn’t even cross her mind. 

“I thought, ‘It couldn’t be him,’” she said before turning her attention back to Leo. “We told each other before that we were falling for each other. So, I was like, ‘He wouldn’t do that to me.’ So to know now that he pretty much said ‘f--k you’ to my face and slept with someone he just met is crazy, but it shows his true colors. I’m done dude, I’m so done.”

In fairness, Hyland gave Leo a chance to explain himself and he attempted to take responsibility for his actions, but it was largely undercut by the fact that he was recoupling with the girl he slept with.  

“Kassy did not deserve that, Kassy is an amazing girl. What I did was selfish,” he said while Kassy refused to even look at him. “I just wish I had never put her in that situation.” 

So, how does Kassy feel about the situation? Well, let’s just say she pulled no punches in her final thoughts on the matter at the recoupling ceremony. 

“So, you’re fake. You’re literally fake,” she said. “You told me so much. You even told me that you would leave if I left so… What the f--k is this? For real, what is this? Like, I don’t know you, I thought I knew you, I don’t know you. Like, I can’t even look at you. It’s disgusting.”

Looks like Leo won’t be able to sweet talk his way out of this one — or will he? Fans will just have to tune into the remainder of Love Island Season 5 to find out. 

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