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Meet The Couples From Peacock's 'Love For The Ages'

"Love For The Ages" will take three couples and put their strained marriages to the ultimate test among sexy singles for four weeks.

By Tyler McCarthy

Peacock’s latest series uses a premise that’s familiar to fans of “Temptation Island” and adds a generational twist. The new original dating series “Love For The Ages” takes three married couples who are over 30 and separates them into two houses with sexy singles who are closer to 20 than 30. 

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The hope is that by giving them four weeks apart meeting younger single and reconnecting with the people they were when they fell in love with their spouse, they’ll reignite the passion that’s been burning out within their respective marriages. As we wait to see how it all plays out on “Love For The Ages,” it’s worth noting that not all relationships are the same. 

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So, as the couples navigate their new life as temporary (and potentially permanent) singles, let's take a look at who they were coming into the experience and the problems they’re hoping to resolve within their specific marriages. 

Richard (43) and Marioxi (39)

This couple is prone to having some explosive fights due to Marioxi’s controlling nature. However, her propensity to keep an eye on Richard isn’t coming out of nowhere. His freewheeling party lifestyle led him to cheat on her, putting both their marriage and business at risk. Although she agreed to stay with him and they went into counseling, she feels some old problematic behavior is returning. 

They hope to use their experience on “Love For The Ages” to help teach Richard some responsibility while allowing Marioxi to figure out if the reason she’s so high-strung and controlling is fear of losing her husband or fear of the decision to leave. 

Michael (41) and Maria (39)

This couple feels they’ve drifted apart over the years as he becomes more of an introvert while she continues to be outgoing and always looking for the party. Maria calls Michael a “65-year-old grandpa” because he believes the time between work should be spent at home recharging. This doesn’t mesh very well with Maria’s tendency to believe she can sleep when she’s dead. 

They struggle to compromise, which often leads to Maria going out while Michael stays in. They’re hoping to separate once again for this experience to see if younger singles can bring out the outgoing side of Michael that Maria fell in love with. Meanwhile, Michael hopes that Maria may get her fill of the party lifestyle and be ready for the stability and comfort a marriage to him brings. 

Sebastian (46) and Silvia (47)

Once again, infidelity rears its ugly head. Silvia previously found flirtatious text messages between Sebastian and other women. She didn’t leave him despite feeling like she’s a catch who could find another man easily. Instead, she policed his social media and even made him give her his passwords. 

Ultimately, they decided they didn’t want to live that way and worked hard to rebuild the trust he damaged. He was particularly motivated to change once their daughter was born. However, the incident shifted the dynamic in their relationship as Silvia tends to use the threat of divorce to get what she wants when they argue — specifically when it comes to money. Sebastian is the sole earner in the family and Silvia isn’t shy about spending their money. 

Will they find some common ground between their respective insecurities? They hope a tempting separation on “Love For The Ages” will help them find out. 

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