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The Best USA Network TV Show Theme Songs

There's been no shortage of quality, toe-tapping theme songs on USA Network shows over the years, and "Barmageddon" is keeping that streak alive.

By Tyler McCarthy
Blake Shelton performing on the Barmageddon stage

The best TV shows are memorable thanks to their characters, stories, shocking moments, and more. However, perhaps the thing that sticks with fans the most is a show’s toe-tapping theme music. 

How to Watch

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For years, shows on USA Network have had some of the best opening themes in the game and that continues today. With both past and present shows' music still holding a place in our brains and getting periodically stuck in our heads, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at some of the catchiest, most fun and danceable theme songs to have come to USA Network in recent years. 


Every episode of “Barmageddon” begins with Blake Shelton singing a song written by none other than music legend Jimmy Buffett

It makes sense since both men have lucrative bar chains in America and love a good sing-along. Co-written alongside Mac McAnally, the song lays out exactly what viewers can expect when they tune in: "a high-tech, honky tonk shotgun wedding," where “anything can happen” and “usually does."

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Shelton explained that when Buffett heard the title of the show, he felt inspired and ended up writing something brand new just for his friend to sing on “Barmageddon.” As a result, we now have one of the catchiest theme songs in the business. 

"Temptation Island"

Even if you speak the words “You’re not gonna tempt me” it’s hard not to hear them in the musical tone of singer Aliana Lohan, who performs the theme to the reality dating competition series “Temptation Island.”

Lohan previously spoke with USA Insider about the song and how it became the score for each episode of “Temptation Island.” 

“[The song] came to me one day when I felt some negative energy trying to get to me and that’s never possible,” she said. “So, I just wanted to write a song about that. I want people who hear my lyrics or my voice to feel happy, strong, powerful, and loved and, with this song in particular, I believe I succeeded.” 

The song was originally titled “Let The River Take Me,” but when Lohan’s label approached her to change the song title and a few lyrics, the sister of actress Lindsay Lohan agreed, noting that it didn't change the message of the song. Today, she's thrilled that the song has been a part of the show for “four seasons strong” and is poised to premiere a fifth some time soon. 


In a controversial move, “Monk” changed its original, Emmy-winning theme song from Season 1. Why would a show take something that worked so well and mix it up? As series co-creator and executive producer Andy Breckman told Variety at the time, it was because legendary musician Randy Newman revealed he was a fan of the show and offered to write an original theme. 

So, for Season 2 and beyond, each episode opened with Newman’s “It’s A Jungle Out There,” which he wrote specifically for the show. Fortunately, Jeff Beal’s original was kept in as the end-credits song. Although the change was unwelcome to some, Newman’s new version also won an Emmy Award, making “Monk” one of the only shows to have received two Emmys in the Outstanding Main Theme category. 


Of all the songs on this list, the opening theme to “Psych,” titled “I Know, You Know,” is perhaps the biggest earworm. The show itself was a labor of love from creator Steve Franks, all the way down to the opening credits. 

Franks not only wrote the song, originally titled “The Best Man Lies,” but he sings it as well as the frontman of his band “The Friendly Indians.” It’s undoubtedly their biggest hit and is a huge crowd-pleaser whenever they get together — as made evident by this video of the band and the cast rocking out to “I Know, You Know” in 2013.


Written and performed by Ima Robot, the song “Greenback Boogie” was selected to be the theme music for “Suits” after its release in 2010. The song is all about the power of money and the joy that it brings, which is pretty perfect for a show about high-powered lawyers trying to both fill their pockets and do the right thing. 

The song became so synonymous with the show that its star-turned-royal, Meghan Markle, found herself unable to escape it after leaving the show. In 2018, a local radio station in Auckland arranged to greet the Duchess of Sussex as soon as she arrived by having a marching band belt out the tune so she could hear. 

Although she didn’t acknowledge the wink to the show that made her famous, she mentioned how happy she was overall with the reception she and Prince Harry received upon their arrival, per a PEOPLE report.

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