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Rule Changes And A Shocking Upset: The Highlights From The 'Barmageddon' Premiere

Kane Brown went head-to-head with Blake Shelton on the "Barmageddon" premiere. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Did you tune into the premiere episode of USA Network’s newest party series “Barmageddon”? If you missed it or simply want to relive the epic barroom showdown between Blake Shelton and Kane Brown, we're going through some of the episode’s major highlights. 

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Right from the get-go, Shelton came out with a friendly vendetta against his fellow country artist, saying Brown’s accolade of holding five places on the Billboard country charts makes him mad, so he decided to step outside his usual duties on “Barmageddon” and compete to show him who is boss.  

From there, they began the first of five games designed to test both them and their Viral VIP partners' bar game skills, starting with Beer Bombs. The game was highly competitive but it didn’t take long for Brown’s team to fall behind. Fortunately, this is “Barmageddon,” where the rules are flexible. Brown suggested that if he called his next shot and landed it, he could make up his point deficit and win. However, if he missed, he would automatically lose. 

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“I’m all about rule changes in the middle of the game,” Shelton declared. 

Unfortunately, despite the gutsy gambit, Brown missed and the game went to Shelton. 

Brown’s team made up the points in the next game, King Pong, where he started out doing pretty poorly. Luckily for them, Carson was on hand to help his Viral VIP with a little … well, let’s just say it — cheating. In the end, Brown won by racking up a huge score in the final round. With the score tied up, the gang went up to the roof for some Air Cannon Cornhole. 

The biggest takeaway from that game was that Shelton is apparently a deadeye with a corn hole cannon. After only missing one, Shelton gave away a turn to help Brown’s team catch up. Sadly, it didn’t work and he easily took home the win. 

With the help of Carson Daly in Just The Tip, Brown’s team eeked out another win by just 23 seconds. Therefore, it all came down to the final game of Shelton Darts, better known as Sharts. Thanks to his expert wordplay and aiming skills, Kane and his viral VIP, Stefano, were able to best their opponents, making Shelton the first ever loser on “Barmageddon.” 

Tune in next week to see another group of celebrities and Viral VIPs duke it out on “Barmageddon” Monday at 11/10c on USA Network.