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All The Wacky And Unique Bar Games You'll See On 'Barmageddon'

Blake Shelton and Carson Daly will bring their celebrity friends to Ole Red in Nashville to play some of the wildest games you've ever seen on the USA Network series "Barmageddon."

By Tyler McCarthy

Although they’re simply variations on classic bar games, you’ve never seen challenges like the ones on “Barmageddon” before. 

How to Watch

Watch Barmageddon on USA Network and Peacock.

With each episode, Blake Shelton and Carson Daly enlist the help of their celebrity friends to team up with viral sensations for a shot at redemption. To do it, they compete in a series of heightened bar games that turn the classics you’ll find at your own local watering hole up to eleven.

Because doing, well, anything from Shelton’s Ole Red bar in Nashville means everything is just a little bit more wild and crazy, hits like beer pong morph into "beer bombs," while a simple ring hook game becomes "hornstars."

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It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when the drinks are flowing and the trash talk starts flying. So, to help viewers better understand the chaos they’ll be seeing when “Barmageddon” premieres, below is a rundown of all the games you can expect throughout the season. 

Drunken Axehole: We’ve all heard of axe-throwing. However, if you come to “Barmageddon,” you’ll have to toss not only axes but saw blades as well. Different parts of the target equate to different point values. If that’s not challenging enough, as the rounds go on, contestants will have to wear vision-obscuring goggles to give them drunk vision and make it more difficult. 

Air Cannon Cornhole: If you’ve played cornhole before, you pretty much know how it works. Sink a bean bag into a hole on a board, you get a point. The “Barmageddon” spin is that instead of tossing the bean bags, they shoot them out of an air cannon at 30mph on the roof of Ole Red. It’s harder than it looks but as fun as it sounds. 

Hornstars: The simple version of this game puts a key ring on a string and forces contestants to swing it onto a hook from a few paces back. At Ole Red, the hook is massive pair of longhorn horns and the ring is a large hula hoop on a rope. Like Texas, everything is bigger on “Barmageddon.” 

Keg Kurling: Olympic curling sees athletes push a stone on ice into a target zone. If they bump an opponent's stone out of the zone, they lose those points. At “Barmageddon” the rules are the same, except the disc is replaced with a beer keg on wheels. 

Buzzed Words: Given their backgrounds, it’s no surprise that Carson and Shelton’s friends are musically inclined, so, karaoke is a must. In this game, the singer’s partners are tasked with pouring a shot every time they hear one of two keywords in the lyrics. Whoever pours the closest to the number of correct shots, wins. 

Beer Bombs: Perhaps the most classic bar game is beer pong. However, it becomes Beer Bombs when contestants stand on the second-floor balcony of Ole Red and toss basketballs into massive trash bins. Each team throws 10 balls and gets a point for each shot landed — unless they hit the gold cup, which is worth two. Their aim has to be spot on to avoid Blake’s massive hand blocking their shot, though. 

King Pong: Like ping pong, but the cups and paddles are supersized. Every time they hit a ping pong ball into a cup, they earn a point (same gold cup rules as Beer Bombs apply). However, as the game goes on, they “upgrade” the paddle to have more holes in it, making it that much more difficult. 

Just the Tip: A perfect blend of billiards and Pictionary. This game sees contestants have to draw a picture with a piece of chalk on the tip of a pool cue. However, they don’t get to see the whole picture they're drawing. Instead, host Nikki Bella reveals parts of it slowly over time. 

Sharts: This is Shelton’s version of darts. Contestants throw darts at a board full of balloons. If they pop, a picture is revealed that’s part of a clue to a phrase. Once enough pictures are revealed and contestants get an idea of the phrase, they can guess. The first to guess wins and the best of three rounds takes home the whole game.

H.O.R.S.E. On A Horse: Contestants saddle up and hop on a coin-operated horse. While riding, they’re tasked with shooting a paintball gun at a wall full of random items found in the back of Shelton’s pickup truck. If a contestant lands a shot, the next shooter has to hit that same item or they get a letter. The first team to spell “H.O.R.S.E.” is the loser. 

Four Play: A larger-than-life spin on Connect Four. Contestants have to shoot a basketball into a literal basket. The balls stack once they go in, providing a grid for a team to get four in a row and win the game. 

Split Happens: Did we mention everything is bigger in “Barmageddon? Such is the case for the show’s version of bowling. Celebrities literally bowl their partner in a zorb down the lane to knock out as many massive pins as possible. There are strikes, there are spares, there are winners and there are losers. 

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall: Contestants test their memories with this pattern recognition game. A series of bottles will light up different colors. It’s up to the celebrities with the help of their partners to memorize the pattern and get further along in it than their opponents. Whoever screws up the pattern in the fewest steps, loses. 

Watch “Barmageddon” on USA Network on Dec. 5. You can catch more of Blake and Carson on “The Voice” streaming on Peacock

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