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What Does 'Barmageddon' Actually Mean? Here's What To Expect From The Show

Find out what "Barmageddon" actually means before the show premieres on Dec. 5. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Last week, Carson Daly, Nikki Bella, and Blake Shelton revealed the release date for their upcoming game show “Barmageddon.” As the world waits to see how the trio and their celebrity friends compete against each other in a series of heightened bar games, some may be wondering how they came up with the title. 

How to Watch

Watch Barmageddon on USA Network and Peacock.

As you probably guessed, “Barmageddon” is a combination of the words “bar” and “armageddon.” One highlights the location where the show takes place: Shelton’s actual bar and music venue, Ole Red, in Nashville, Tennessee. The dynamic trio will pair two of their celebrity friends with two viral social media sensations who could use a shot at redemption in each episode. All of it will take place under the roof of a bar people in Nashville can go to to have a good time with their friends, eat some delicious food and, of course, down a few drinks. 

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As for the “armageddon” part, that’s a reference to the utter mayhem that these teams will bring every episode. Like Shelton and Daly, everyone will be coming into it with a serious competitive streak. No one is going to be going easy on each other. Fortunately for these “barthletes,” anyone who has ever been to their local watering hole has probably encountered some of the games being played — the only difference is they’ve been turned up to 11 at Ole Red. Once someone wins a game, the wild times aren’t over. They can make up some points by doing something difficult like eating a serrano pepper, which just adds more havoc to the game.

“Is our attempt to bring a little fun back to the American lifestyle,” Daly said in a first look at the show. “Come in here with some friends, have a good time, play some games, have a laugh and some good music.”

In true apocalyptic fashion, Shelton describes the show as “a blur” and “over the top,” which further lends itself well to the “Barmageddon” name. 

If you’re interested in seeing the hijinks that ensure when these people get together for some real drinks and real competition, you can tune into “Barmageddon” on Monday, Dec. 5 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network

You can catch more game shows on Peacock now.