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'Barmageddon' Host Nikki Bella's Best, Most Competitive Wins In The WWE

Nikki Bella has spent years dominating the WWE. Take a look back across her career ahead of her debut on "Barmageddon."

By Tyler McCarthy
WWE's Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is a household name thanks to runs on “America’s Got Talent” and the upcoming USA Network series “Barmageddon.” However, it’s undeniable that some of her greatest moments in showbusiness came in the WWE ring. 

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After making their debut in 2008, Nikki and her twin sister Brie dominated the sport and ushered in an entirely new era for female Superstars that continues today. Throughout the years, she’s had some pretty impressive wins as well as a few downright devious ones — what do you expect from a two-time Diva Champion? 

As she prepares to preside over a new competition show with “Barmageddon,” we thought it was worth taking a look back at some of her most competitive wins in the WWE ring to get some Bella-style inspiration. 

Nikki Wins Her First Diva Championship

In 2012, Nikki defeated the then Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, in a non-title match during “SmackDown.” Although it didn’t earn her the coveted title (and she got an assist from a fellow Superstar), it was made clear Nikki could absolutely take home the belt if given the chance. 

So, mere weeks later, she took on Phoenix again in a lumberjill match on “Raw.” Despite every other female Superstar surrounding the ring wanting to see her fail (except her sister, of course), Nikki came out on top. 

After injuring her opponent’s ankle, Nikki took advantage of her weakness for a quick pin earning her first Divas Champion title — it would not be her last. 

Brie’s Kiss Of Death Helps Nikki Win Again

In 2014, Nikki lost the Divas Championship, then held by AJ Lee. Fortunately, Nikki got her shot at the title during “Survivor Series” with her sister ringside. Thanks to a devious distraction from Brie, who surprised Lee with a passionate kiss on the lips, Nikki pinned her opponent in less than a minute to take the title back. 

However, although she won with trickery, no one can say the athlete from Scottsdale, Arizona, can't beat Lee straight-up. She would go on to not only defend the title fair and square in a rematch against Lee but face down challenges from Naomi and Paige as well. 

Nikki Turns On Her Sister 

In a shocking moment that took place in 2014 amid her sister’s feud with Stephanie McMahon, Nikki Bella turned and ended up attacking Brie and aligning herself with her sister's foe. 

Brie eventually set a match against McMahon in which Nikki joined the fray. However, just when it looked like the two sisters were about to make lunch meat out of McMahon, Nikki pulled her to the side and attacked her sister, sparking a massive feud between them. 

In addition to a war of words, the two sisters found themselves in the ring opposite each other at that year’s “Hell in a Cell.” The stakes were that the loser had to be the winner’s personal assistant for a month. The match was dirty, hard-fought, and, at times, heartbreaking as fans watched the siblings hold nothing back. Brie dominated her sister for most of the match but, in the end, Nikki came out on top and was not kind to her sister during her run as her personal assistant. 

Nikki’s Triumphant Return

In 2016, after spending some time out of the ring due to a neck injury, Nikki surprised everyone at “SummerSlam” when she arrived as a late replacement for Eva Marie, who was recuperating from stress and anxiety at the time. 

She joined Natalya and Alexa Bliss for a Six-Woman Tag Team Match and relished every moment of her surprise return to the ring. She also earned every moment of her applause when she eventually pinned Carmella to win the match. Not only did it signify her return, it sparked a feud with Carmella.

Nikki Ends The Feud

After losing a couple of key matches against Carmella, it was time for the two women to go head-to-head in a No Disqualification Match at WWE TLC. 

The bout was about as gritty as it gets, after all, with no rules in place on weapons, making even a fire extinguisher fair game. Nikki took a near-inhuman amount of punishment during the bout but ultimately won and essentially put an end to their ongoing feud. After all, it’s hard to talk smack after you’ve been taken out in a No Disqualification Match. 

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