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Let Blake Shelton Explain the Rules of the Barmageddon Game "Sharts"

Sharts, a combination of the words “Shelton” and “darts," is just one of many games celebrities play on the game show. 

By James Grebey

Barmageddon, USA Network’s game show that pits celebrities like Fast X star Michelle Rodrigez, comedian Gabriel Iglesias, and musician Jelly Roll against one another in a series of pub-style games, returns on Monday, November 13. One of the games that the celebrities will have to play is Sharts, and it’s a much better game than the unfortunate name would imply. 

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Sharts, as Barmageddon co-creator Blake Shelton explains in a new video ahead of the premiere, is a combination of “Shelton” and “darts.” To play, contestants must throw darts at a wall with several balloons on it. If they pop the balloon, they might reveal an emoji. To win the game, contestants must guess what common phrase or idiom the emojis combine to make. 

“You’ve got to figure out what the phrase is that everybody knows,” Shelton explains. “Like ‘wake and bake’ or ‘the Monday morning blues.’”

Of course, the brain-teaser aspect of the game doesn’t mean squat if the celebrity contestant is unable to hit any of the dang balloons with their thrown darts. 

“You actually have to hit one of these balloons with a dart, and you’d be shocked at how hard that is for some people,” Shelton explains before specifying exactly who it is that’s so terrible at hitting the balloons with the dart: Himself.

Here’s hoping that Shelton will have improved a little in Season 2. The sophomore season of the show, which stars Shelton and his real-life friend Carson Daly and is once more hosted by wrestling hall-of-famer Nikki Garcia, also features games like Air Cannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, and Drunken Axe Hole each episode. 

Barmageddon Season 2 premieres on USA Network on Monday, November 13 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. You can watch Barmageddon Season 1 on Peacock.