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Blake Shelton and Carson Daly React To Barmageddon Season 1 Highlights

Blake and Carson are coming back for another round of Barmageddon, but first they're looking back at some highlights from the past. 

By Cassidy Ward

Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s wacky booze-fueled gameshow, Barmageddon, pits celebrity guests against one another in over-the-top bar games including curling with beer kegs and playing cornhole with air cannons. The show, co-created by Shelton and Daly, and hosted by former wrestling star Nikki Garcia, takes place at Shelton’s own bar, the Ole Red in Nashville, Tennessee.

How to Watch

Watch Barmageddon on USA Network and Peacock.

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The winner of each game earns a point while the loser gets nothing. That is unless they spin the Wheel of Redemption, a malicious gyrating game prop that offers a point in exchange for one of a few dastardly deeds and only the tiniest sliver of hope. If contestants completed their terrifying task — eating bull testicles, listening to nails on a chalkboard, or drinking disgusting concoctions, to name a few — they also earned a point and the competition continued.

With Season 1 finished and the group getting ready for another round in Season 2, the seires' creators sat down for a walk down memory lane. 

Blake Shelton and Carson Daly Revisit Wackiest Moments From Barmageddon Season 1

Blake Shelton holding a drink in his hands

After a rambunctious but successful first season, Shelton and Daly took a break from shooting an episode to reminisce about their favorite moments from the Wheel of Redemption.

Their trip down memory lane began with a test of endurance known as the Tongue Twister. After losing a bar game battle, celebrity guest Gwen Stefani (famous musician and Coach on The Voice) faced down a frigid lemon juice pop for a nonstop 30 seconds, resulting in a point and the world’s worst brain freeze. Next to the matt was Blake Shelton himself, shirking his usual duties of hanging out at the bar in favor of getting in on the competition.

Unfortunately, Shelton was beaten at his own game and had to face down the Wheel of Redemption’s mouth marauding Morning’ Breath. Shelton and his teammate were given the seemingly simple task of downing the contents of a single shot glass. Those contents, however, a combination of garlic juice and mouthwash, proved too much for the cantankerous country star and he had to spit it out.

The Morning Breath has nothing in comparison with their final stop along season one’s fiercest punishment, the Bar Mat. As the name suggests, this task involves drinking whatever has collected in the silicone mat behind the bar. A shot glass filled with stale beer and soggy peanuts might sound like as bad as things can get but according to Shelton, “it only gets worse this year, tune in.”

Barmageddon season two premiers on November 13 on USA, and you can catch up on season one right now, on Peacock.