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The Wheel Of Redemption Reigns Supreme: The Highlights From 'Barmageddon' Episode 5

Brie Bella and Sasha Banks went head to head in a series of games on "Barmageddon" where the Wheel of Redemption took center stage. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Barmageddon Season 1, Episode 4

USA Network fans are used to seeing WWE Superstars go head-to-head, but not like this. Brie Bella and Sasha Banks showed up to Blake Shelton’s bar in Nashville for a series of high-stakes bar games on the latest episode of “Barmageddon,” where you don't always have to win to stay in the game. 

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Banks and Bella were joined by a pair of Viral VIPs who really pulled their weight in a series of five games where the loser faced dire consequences. Unfortunately for those looking for a close bout between the two wrestling titans, Brie’s team won almost every game, keeping Sasha on the ropes the whole time.  

However, because this is "Barmageddon," a lead is only as strong as your opponent’s constitution. Banks and her Viral VIP were able to stay in the game by fearlessly taking down every single consequence the infamous Wheel of Redemption had to offer — and there were some pretty nasty ones. 

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For example, after King Pong, Banks and her Viral VIP Alina were tasked with taking a big old bite of pickled herring. Fortunately, Alina’s family hails from Russia, where this is just considered a snack. As Blake Shelton proved in a recent behind-the-scenes video, one person’s massive punishment is another person’s appetizer at Ole Red in Nashville. 

Banks was forced to test her stomach again after narrowly losing at Just The Tip to Bella’s team, aided by Shelton. This time the WWE Superstar almost called it quits when she learned that a Smoker’s Cough shot is licorice liquor mixed with her least favorite thing, mayo. Still, she toughened up and dove in head first, taking down the shot and moving on to the next round with the score tied up again. 

Sadly, once again her team fared no better at Air Cannon Corn Hole. Although it was a close game (also a low-scoring game) Brie edged out her competition once again, leaving Banks and Alina to do the last thing on the Wheel of Redemption, Pork and Beans Popsicle. Sadly for them, it’s exactly what it sounds like. 

Banks, who looked glamorous in a cowgirl outfit selected just for Nashville, didn’t quite look her best as she gagged on the disgusting frozen “treat.” Still, in true tough-girl fashion, she finished the challenge alongside her Viral VIP and lived to fight once again in the last game of the night, Four Play. Down but not out, her team and Brie’s team had one of the most competitive rounds of this game to date on “Barmageddon” that ultimately ended in Banks finally winning a game and tying up the score once again. 

Just like when Jimmie Johnson went head-to-head with Clint Bowyer last week, the game went to sudden death. Sadly, this is where Banks’ hot streak ended. She missed her first shot, allowing Brie to come in and sink one more basket to win the whole game. While “Barmageddon” is a place for winners and losers alike, it’s hard not to root for an underdog such as Banks after all the gross things she had to eat to stay in the game. 

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