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Where Are The Viral VIPs Of 'Barmageddon' Episode 3 Today?

"Barmageddon" paired NASCAR legends Jimmie Johnson and Clint Bowyer with two viral VIPs whose mishaps earned them fame on the Internet. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Another episode of “Barmageddon” means another round of viral VIPs competing for a shot at redemption for their past embarrassing moments that were caught on tape. 

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This week, NASCAR stars Clint Bowyer and Jimmie Johnson were paired with Omar Marquez and Samuel Markoe, two everyday people who had their viral 15 minutes of fame for videos that didn't show them at their best.

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For Omar, it was a video of him celebrating at a summertime party with a makeshift slip-n-slide. In the clip, Omar is sliding shirtless on his feet down the ramp while attempting to chug his open can of beer. Unfortunately, he’s clearly doing too many things at once and loses his balance. The result? A slow-motion face plant that sends his beer flying and him sliding slowly but humiliatingly down the rest of the slip-n-slide ramp while all his friends watch. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt and can now laugh off the spill at Ole Red on “Barmageddon.” 

Today, Omar is back home in Florida and loving life as a family man, according to his social media. He still enjoys the beach and other summertime activities but is likely a bit more careful when it comes to stunts. 

Also joining him on the third episode of “Barmageddon” is Samuel, who also got his 15 minutes of fame for spilling a drink… a lot of drinks, actually. Samuel earned his spot on the show thanks to footage captured by a doorbell camera. Just as he was coming home for a night of relaxation with a brand new six-pack of bottled beer, the container the bottles were in gave out at the bottom. He stands there helpless and dejected as all six of the bottles break on his front porch.

While a spilled drink is typically a tragedy at “Barmageddon,” it’s hard not to laugh at Samuel’s reaction. 

Shelton even asked him if he turned around and went right back to the convenience store for more beer, but Samuel confessed that the stroke of bad luck had him reaching for something stronger. 

“I went straight inside and grabbed a bottle of vodka,” he said. 

“Well, that’s what I would have done,” Shelton responded. 

According to his social media, when he’s not sweeping glass off his front porch, the self-professed Philadelphia sports fan is working as a software engineer at Google and living life to the fullest in California. 

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