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'That Video Was Not A Fail!' The 'Barmageddon' Viral VIPs From Episode 2 Tell All

Two viral VIPs joined Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow on "Barmageddon" for a shot at redeeming themselves from a goose attack and getting egg on their face.

By Tyler McCarthy

Sheryl Crow and Gwen Stafani were the latest celebrities to battle it out on “Barmageddon” alongside a pair of Viral VIPs. Now, those internet stars are telling USAInsider how grateful they were for their shot at redemption. 

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This week, the celebrities were joined by Christopher Bryan and Camryn Spiller, two people who carved out a small corner of the Internet for themselves thanks to viral videos from a few years back that saw them in less-than-flattering situations.

Bryan, a firefighter,  found his way to “Barmageddon” because of a video in which a goose dive-bombed him in a moment he clearly found utterly delightful. 

Speaking to USA Insider, he revealed there’s more to the story than the video shows. 

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“It was meant to be a jab at our fire department's personal trainer. He didn't show up for our workout that day,” Bryan explained. “As we walked our lap around the pond, the goose followed us. He stayed in the water and swam just a few feet off the shore and followed us all the way around. So I told my crew to hang back, that I was going to shoot a video with the goose in the background and say that we didn't need [our trainer] anymore because we had a new trainer. However, as soon as I separated from the group and started filming, I noticed the goose had come on land and was coming straight at me! I totally lost my composure as the goose took flight! As I took off running, the goose dive-bombed me! I lost it! My crew lost it! We were all rolling on the ground laughing!” 

Fortunately, he captured the moment on camera, and it was picked up by a local news station and soon the world. That was similarly the case for Spiller, whose viral video of her literally getting egg on her face in a hibachi grill mishap took the online world by storm.

“To be honest, I had forgotten about the viral video completely as it had been several years since it was taken,” she told USA Insider. “When the show first reached out, I thought it was fake and all my friends and family were super concerned what I was getting myself into because it seemed too cool to be true!”

She added: “The video still makes me laugh to this day and I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was honestly just such a silly video and me being funny with my cousins and I can’t believe what it turned into.”

Given the impact their viral videos had on their lives, they were more than happy to come to “Barmageddon” to chase a shot at redeeming themselves, even if they both felt more grateful for their videos than embarrassed. 

“One thing that keeps coming up is getting redemption for my viral fail video,” Bryan explained. “That video, in my opinion, was not a fail! Next to my wife and kids, it's the best thing to ever happen to me! The things I have been able to do and be a part of, all because a goose attacked me! Definitely not a fail!” 

Bryan is still reeling from the experience of being so close to people he considers superstars and the fact that they actually recognized him.

“I don't think it really set in until the day we filmed my episode. I walked in and Blake Shelton and Nikki Bella introduced themselves to me and called me by MY name! As if they needed any introduction! Then Gwen Stefani comes in and tells me how funny my video was. I was dumbfounded! These guys have seen my video?! They know who I am?! It was really hard to play it cool but I feel like I pulled it off.” 

Spiller added: “It was awesome to chase redemption on ‘Barmageddon.’ Blake, Gwen, and Nikki were so awesome and super fun to hang out with. Although me and Gwen didn’t reign supreme, it was a really cool experience.” 

The best part of the whole experience, for her, was that she got to bring a very special family member along for the ride. 

“I got to go with my cousin who was the one who filmed the video a few years back. She was able to be in the audience during filming and we got to tear up Broadway after filming, which was super fun,” She concluded. “Maybe a little too much fun. The whole experience was something we will never forget and super fun to get to experience with my cousin.”

For Bryan, playing the games and meeting new people was a highlight.

“I had so much fun playing all the games and just hanging out with everyone,” he concluded. “Blake is exactly the same person on and off camera. What you see on ‘The Voice’ is exactly who he is. The same goes for everyone else. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be spending the day with Sheryl Crow and Gwen Stefani, sharing stories about our kids and spouses. Unforgettable!” 

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