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The 'Barmageddon' Viral VIPs From Episode 1 Tell All About Seeking Redemption

Viral VIPs Chisa Tolbertson and Stefano Radice discuss how they feel about their embarrassing videos after "Barmageddon."

By Tyler McCarthy

Although each episode of “Barmageddon” is packed wall-to-wall with celebrities, it also features infamous viral sensations there for a shot at redemption. 

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Episode 1 saw Viral VIPs Chisa Tolbertson and Stefano Radice join Blake Shelton and Kane Brown for five games designed to show them as the bar heroes they are rather than the people who had a goof in a video. 

For Chisa, she was trying to get out of the shadow of her attempt to do a yoga pose on a log that was stretched across a running stream. Unfortunately for her, she took a dive and ended up in the water rather than achieving the picturesque and zen pose in nature she was going for. Stefano, meanwhile, had his own brush with nature when his buddy caught a catfish and threw it toward him. The hook from the catch embedded right in his back along with the fish’s sharp fin. 

Now that their time on the show is over and done with, both Chisa and Stefano are finally able to look back on their respective embarrassing videos and laugh. 

“I can't get upset about it in any manner because, weirdly enough, it's brought me lots of opportunities even though I only ever intended on my 10 or so friends on Twitter seeing it,” Chisa told USA Insider. “Much like looking back on past questionable fashion choices of my youth, it's still embarrassing to watch, but now that it's been six or seven years since it happened, I can just chalk it up to an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex and not feel too humiliated.”

Stefano agreed, telling USA Insider that he too can’t be particularly upset about his viral infamy since it led him to “Barmageddon.” 

“I feel great! At first, I was a little embarrassed when it started going viral, but knowing that it led me to the opportunity to be on ‘Barmageddon’ and meet so many great people has really made it worth it,” he said. “I'm really grateful this video can make so many people laugh.”

He explained, “It was definitely an experience. I really wanted to win my episode and prove to people I'm not just the ‘fish guy’ on TikTok. It was really competitive but just as fun as you'd imagine. Meeting the celebrities was really awesome too. They were all very down to earth and made me feel so welcome."

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Chisa added that she hopes her time on “Barmageddon” will help her outlive the viral video’s notoriety.

“I'd rather be known as the girl who writes and produces awesome music rather than the girl who cheated death falling off a log,” she explained. 

Indeed, she’s spent her time since the show creating music and pursuing other artistic endeavors. As a result, she said she was very excited to meet the musical royalty that is Daly and Shelton. 

“I had an absolute blast getting to play games with people I largely view as tycoons of the entertainment world. Getting to hang out with people I only ever saw on TV was surreal and it was so inspiring to see how much hard work and good intentions they put into their careers,” she said. “I left feeling not only immense abdomen pain from how much I laughed that day but I also left with an immense newfound respect for Blake and Carson because I can tell they have such pure souls and are doing a beautiful thing by just trying to bring some lighthearted fun to everyone during what has been a rough few years for everybody.”

You can see what’s in store for a new crop of Viral VIPs every Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT in a new episode of the USA Network original series “Barmageddon.”