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See Blake Shelton Gladly Enjoy A Fried Bull Testicle In 'Barmageddon' Set Video

Blake Shelton proved he's a true country boy when Carson Daly offered him a Rocky Mountain Oyster on the set of "Barmageddon."

By Tyler McCarthy

Let it never be said that Blake Shelton can’t handle the toughest parts of “Barmageddon.” A new video shows the singer happily indulging in something that was supposed to be a punishment for a losing team. 

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The latest episode of the USA Network game show forced celebrity guest Clint Bowyer and his Viral VIP partner to have a taste of Rocky Mountain Oysters to make up a lost point after losing to Jimmie Johnson’s team at Beer Bombs. For those unfamiliar, Rocky Mountain Oysters are not found in the ocean. They’re actually deep-fried bull testicles.

Take a moment and let that sink in. 

While the losing team managed to choke down a bite before moving on to the next game, a behind-the-scenes video from the episode shared by Shelton showed that he would have welcomed a serving.

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“Well, Blake says he likes these so let’s see,” Carson Daly says in the video while holding a tray of the "oysters."

With that, he approaches Shelton and offers him one. Shelton immediately grabs it and sinks his teeth in. 

“Just like my grandma used to make,” he says while savoring the bite. 

“You like that?!” a shocked Daly asks. 

However, Shelton isn’t the only one in America who enjoys a good Rocky Mountain Oyster. They’re actually a pretty common dish in the American West and western Canada, according to Thrillist. As the name suggests, the item was originally created by ranchers in the Rocky Mountain region. Early settlers needed cheap sources of food and therefore wasted no cut of meat. Today, they’re typically made after modern ranchers castrate cattle, which is a common practice to control breeding, stimulate skeletal muscle growth, and regulate temperament.

To cook them (brace yourself), the outlet reports they’re most commonly peeled, pounded flat, coated in flour, salt, and pepper, and then fried up. However, you can sauteé them, braise them, broil them, or poach them, too. Serve them with a side of cocktail sauce and, depending on who you talk to, they’re quite delicious. In addition, they’re surprisingly healthy, too (deep frying aside, of course). 

So, while it was meant as a punishment to Bowyer’s team, there are many people who may be passing through Ole Red every day who would love to order up some Rocky Mountain Oysters, even if they are a bull’s gonads. The infamous Wheel of Redemption has certainly had worse punishments. 

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