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'This Ain't No Country Club': The 'Barmageddon' Episode 2 Highlights

"Barmageddon" pit Sheryl Crow against Gwen Stefani in its second episode and things got predictably wild. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow

Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow faced off in the second episode of “Barmageddon,” where the only thing that was more free-flowing than the drinks was the trash talk. 

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For five boozy bar games, the two singers squared off against each other alongside their Viral VIPs, who came to Nashville for a shot at redemption. All the while, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and host Nikki Bella were on hand to encourage (and at times participate in) all the talkin’ smack.

Things started with Drunken Axe Hole, in which the audience quickly learned Stefani struggles with her aim while Crow has some serious accuracy. The playing field wasn’t even leveled when both women had to start using the beer goggles to blur their vision, something Daly joked would be in Gwen’s favor since she was clearly wearing some when she agreed to marry Shelton. 

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From there, they went upstairs to the roof for some Air Cannon Corn Hole where Crow’s sniper skills were suddenly lacking, with Stefani taking the win and forcing the country artist to spin the wheel of redemption. It landed on a tapeworm shot, which meant Crow and her Viral VIP Chris had to down tequila, tabasco, and mayonnaise. Just when it seemed like the musician wasn’t going to be able to stomach the shot for her team’s point, Chris stepped up and downed hers as well, earning praise from the hosts. 

Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow Play Drunken Axehole

With the game tied, team Crow took the lead once again in Keg Kurling where the trash talk was next level. There were insults, rule-breaking, and even a (fake) slap. In the end, Crow proved the better competitor but Stefani and her Viral VIP tied it back up by enduring some sourness on the Wheel of Redemption. 

Fortunately, the tie didn’t last long and Crow eked out another win in Hornstars. This time there was no Redemption Wheel so it all came down to Buzz Words and the biggest highlight of the night. The two singers had to swap and sing each other’s songs while their partners poured shots. Gwen stepped up first to sing “All I Wanna Do” while Crow belted out “Hollaback Girl.” In the end, it was Team Crow that took home the win and, Stefani, like her husband in the premiere, was sent home with a big L. 

While there are winners and losers in the games on "Barmageddon," a good time was clearly had by all, especially those who tuned into most hilariously competitive show on TV. 

Tune into “Barmageddon” every Monday on USA Network to see who goes head-to-head next. You can catch more games how content on Peacock now.”