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How Does 'Barmageddon' Work? Blake Shelton, Carson Daly And Nikki Bella's Roles, Explained

Everyone on "Barmageddon" has a role to play — especially Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, and Nikki Bella. 

By Tyler McCarthy

In one month, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and Nikki Bella will debut their new USA Network original game show, “Barmageddon.” As we wait to see what mayhem will take place at the country singer's Ole Red bar in Nashville, you may be wondering what the stars are bringing to the table each episode. 

How to Watch

Watch new episodes of Barmageddon Mondays at 11/10c on USA Network

For those unfamiliar, the premise of “Barmageddon” is that the star trio will call on their celebrity friends to join them in Nashville for several rounds of drinks and games. They’ll each be paired with a different “viral VIP,” someone who had their 15 minutes of fame online for reasons that aren’t flattering. These viral sensations will get a chance at redemption in the public eye, but only if they win. If they lose, they’ll have to spin the wheel of redemption to stay in the game, but it requires doing something that might embarrass them all over again. 

So, where do Nikki, Blake, and Carson factor in? 

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Well, for the former WWE Superstar, her role is easy. She’s the host of “Barmageddon” and will introduce the stars and the viral VIPs. She'll also break down the rules for all the heightened bar games they’ll be playing. 

Blake and Carson, meanwhile, stand on the sidelines of each game doing what they do best: crackin’ wise and talkin’ smack. 

Typically, neither has an allegiance to a team and their trash talk is guided by the best joke they can think of. However, on occasion, they get in on the action by teaming up with some of the stars and viral VIPs — but they don’t partake in the wheel of redemption because, well, it’s their show. 

They each have a special role beyond game commentary as well. 

Blake opens and closes each show by performing live with his band, adding a little music to the festivities. Carson, meanwhile, acts as the “Barmageddon” bartender. Not only is he pouring all the drinks, but most of the gross consequences coming from the Wheel of Redemption are being served up by him. 

Tune in to “Barmageddon” on Dec. 5 on USA Network to see Shelton, Daly and Bella in their roles on the greatest bar night ever. 

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