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Aliana Lohan On Writing The 'Temptation Island' Theme Song And Her Favorite From Season 4

Aliana Lohan, the sister of Lindsay Lohan, told USA Insider all about her song "You're Not Gonna Tempt Me."

By Tyler McCarthy
Aliana Lohan

Days after revealing she wrote and sang the iconic theme to “Temptation Island,” Aliana Lohan chatted with USA Insider about its creation, it's journey to becoming the show's theme, and her family becoming fans of the show. 

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Lohan revealed she wrote “You’re Not Gonna Tempt Me” about four years ago under a different name: “Let The River Take Me.”

“[The song] came to me one day when I felt some negative energy trying to get to me and that’s never possible,” she said. “So, I just wanted to write a song about that. I want people who hear my lyrics or my voice to feel happy, strong, powerful, and loved and, with this song in particular, I believe I succeeded.” 

Lohan said she was approached after her record label was tasked with finding a theme to the 2019 revival of “Temptation Island” on USA Network. Some changes to the song were pitched to her, which she deemed acceptable since they did not change the “vibe” or overall message of her song.

“They asked if I was comfortable,” she revealed. “Letting a river take you and also not being tempted, I was like, ‘You know, it all goes hand in hand. It fit my songwriting profile well and I’m just so happy we were able to do it.'"

At the time, she hadn’t seen any of "Temptation Island." However, once she learned she would be the voice of every episode’s introduction, she quickly started watching. Today, she says she watches every episode with her boyfriend and her famous sister, Lindsay Lohan. 

“It’s gone four seasons strong!” she enthused. “I feel like it’s just going to keep going as well. It’s a very addicting type of show.” 

In fact, Aliana even has a favorite person from Season 4. 

“I like Ash! [They're] very down to earth and I feel like Ash knows what they want ... ” she says. “I think that’s inspiring to other women who watch the show and follow their heart and their soul in the correct way."

Unfortunately for those wondering how they can throw “You’re Not Gonna Tempt Me” on at their next party playlist, the song isn’t fully out yet. However, there’s definitely hope for a big release in the future. Lohan just needs to put the finishing touches on it.

“I would probably go through it one more time, personally, because I’m a perfectionist,” she explained. “There’s a song there, for sure, that I know people would love.” 

Lohan said she’s one two-hour recording session away from a final version of the song — it’s just a matter of getting it out to the public at this point. 

“Maybe there’s a future in releasing it,” she said. “That’d be really great, actually.” 

For now, she is just thrilled to be part of “Temptation Island." 

“​​It’s really just an honor, you know? Being a songwriter and having your music out there that people love and can relate to and feel stronger at the end of hearing it is really incredible,” Lohan concluded. “I’m just so grateful to USA Network and now it’s on Peacock streaming. I’m just grateful to them and the producers of the show for enjoying it and keeping it up there for so long.” 

Lohan is also focused on the release of her latest song "Without You," and will be appearing alongside her sister in the upcoming Netflix Christmas movie "Falling For Christmas."

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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