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Tony Shalhoub Teases A Monk Movie Sequel: "We'll Have To See"

Tony Shalhoub would be open to returning as Adrian Monk, but will it ever happen? 

By Tyler McCarthy

Have fans seen the last of Adrian Monk? Not if Tony Shalhoub has anything to say about it. The actor recently revealed that he would be open to reprising his iconic, Emmy-winning role for a sequel to Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie.

In December 2023, fans of the original USA Network series Monk were gifted a movie that brought back the original cast for another case that was deeply personal to the titular character. The film, which you can watch exclusively on Peacock, was a hit among fans and not only breathed new life into all the characters but brought them on a massive journey that was larger in scale than your typical episode of the show. With renewed interest in all things Monk, was Mr. Monk’s Last Case truly that? 

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Speaking during a recent appearance on Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast, Shalhoub noted what a delight it was to get the band back together and admitted, as he has before, that he would be willing to continue playing Adrian Monk in another project. He’s just waiting for original series creator Andy Breckman to get his wish for more.

“We don't know if there's going to be more, but it's Andy Breckman's wish, I think he's signaling the people at NBC and Peacock, as much as the audience,” Shalhoub said (via MovieWeb). "We don't know anything definite, there isn't a hard, fixed plan yet, but we all had such a great time bringing it back. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it if it was the right time and the right idea and the right material. I guess we'll have to see."

While it seems Breckman and Shalhoub are eager to do more in the Monk universe, the actor also noted it’s not as simple as fans might hope. He said everyone was really happy with the way the TV series ended, which is why it took years for a reunion to come together. It was a brief, almost tongue-in-cheek reunion short during the pandemic that gave the creative team behind the movie the idea to return in earnest. 

“We just did it as a kind of a lark, really. But the public service announcement just gained so much traction. And it got us all thinking, ‘Well, here’s a compelling reason to bring this character back.’ How would Adrian Monk have navigated through the pandemic?” he explained. “That just started the ball rolling, and Andy came up with a great idea. I’m so glad we did it because we really felt like the movie wasn’t just Episode 126. It really moved the needle.”

It seems no one wants to just make Episode 126 of the show, even if some fans would absolutely love that. Instead, it seems the people behind Monk are dedicated to making something bigger and better each time. As for whether or not that will all come together again remains to be seen. That said, Monk fans can take solace in the fact that Shalhoub would once again don his beige detective uniform and become Monk if asked. 

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