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Blake Shelton Gives Trace Adkins Some Tough Love On 'Barmageddon'

Blake Shelton didn't like to see his buddy Trace Adkins losing so badly on "Barmageddon."

By Tyler McCarthy
Trace Adkins Battles Mike Vrabel in Split Happens

It was a battle of Nashville legends on the latest episode of “Barmageddon,” when country music icon Trace Adkins went head-to-head against Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

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Early on, Blake Shelton intervened to give his buddy some much-needed advice when it came to keeping up with Vrabel’s coaching prowess. 

On “Barmageddon,” the celebrities’ ability to play the bar games is just half the battle. They also need to share sage advice and tactics with their Viral VIPs, and in the first round of the game, “Split Happens,” Adkins struggled to motivate his viral VIP Partner, Seth. 

To his credit, after learning they’d go first, Adkins was all strategy going into their first roll. As Seth, who came to “Barmageddon” thanks to a viral ice fishing mishap, climbed into the zorb, Adkins told him to steady himself so he doesn’t “just flop around.” 

“You’ve seen my video, I can bounce around pretty good,” Seth responded. 

He wasn’t wrong. He knocked down four out of six pins on his first roll and picked up another pin on the spare roll. Still, Adkins' expectations were high and he lamented not getting a strike. 

Vrabel’s team stepped up and they managed to get a clean(ish) spare. Not enjoying being down in the score, Adkins started in on Seth, prompting Shelton to offer some tough love to his buddy to help him secure a win. 

“Mike is actually coaching his guy. All you’re doing is yelling at him!” Shelton said. “You’re just treating him like s--t in there. Mike’s actually encouraging him, getting a plan together. You’re just being grumpy.” 

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He added: “Encourage him, be inspiring, do something! S--t, you’re losing!” 

Confident in his own tough-love strategy, Adkins instructed Shelton and everyone else to watch him bowl a second round. Unfortunately, it led to a 7-10 split that they weren’t able to pick up. With that, Adkins’ team lost the first round to Vrabel and had to pay the dire consequences on the Wheel of Redemption. 

The rest of the night played out much in the same way. In the end, Vrabel’s team took home the big win despite stiff competition from Adkins and Seth and some harsh but fair words from Shelton. 

Tune into “Barmageddon” every Monday at 11/10c on USA Network. You can catch more game show content on Peacock now. 

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