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'Ridiculous And Awesome': The Viral VIP From 'Barmageddon' Episode 6 Tells All

Viral VIP Seth told USA Insider what it was really like to spend the day with celebrity contestants Trace Adkins and Mike Vrabel.

By Tyler McCarthy

As Nashville legends Trace Adkins and Mike Vrabel battled it out on the latest episode of “Barmageddon,” they did so alongside two new Viral VIPs there to chase a shot at redemption after some spectacular fails that were captured on video. 

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Joining NFL coach Mike Vrabel was Wyatt Smith, whose impressive trampoline skills were undercut by an awkward backflip landing that ended with his head stuck between the springs. Adkins, meanwhile, was paired up with Seth Trobec, who was made famous by his buddy’s boneheaded move: In the video, Seth is enjoying a day of ice fishing on a portable tent hitched to the back of a vehicle. When his friend leaves to pick up another fishing buddy, he forgets to unhook the tent and the camera catches Seth panicking as he and all their equipment gets dragged along the ice.

Both in the video and today, the ice fisherman approaches the story with incredibly good humor.

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"Honestly, I've laughed about the video from day one, and I still do today,” he told USA Insider. “To think that what I expected to be a normal day in the fish house would have me traveling to Nashville and hanging out with celebrities is just ridiculous. .. and awesome!” 

Seth explained that, although he and Adkins didn’t win their game on “Barmageddon,” he still considered the experience to be all the redemption he could have hoped for after the “icy chaos.” 

“Seeing all the celebrities was a bit surreal. I grew up watching Carson Daly on MTV; Blake and Trace are superstars on television, radio, the internet, you name it; I watched Vrabel wreck grown men on the football field when I was a kid and coach a damn good NFL team,” Seth explained. “These guys, and the gorgeous Nikki Bella, are all pros at being in the spotlight, and then there's me, hanging out with them. I felt a bit like a fish out of water.”

Despite being starstruck, Seth noted that he quickly realized the stars were just normal people like him. Adkins, for example, spent most of his time talking with him about hunting and fishing.

However, there was one celebrity who he was particularly stoked to be hanging out with.

“Honestly, seeing Carson was probably the most surreal for me, because, I'd watch him all the time after school, as a kid, just hanging out at home or at a friends house, then, here we are, the same chill atmosphere, but I'm hanging out with him, instead of watching him,” he said. “ It was weird, fun, a little bit of sensory overload at times, just an overall awesome experience.”

Like many, Seth seems happy that the negative experience he had in his video brought him to Nashville for an overwhelmingly positive one. Even though he didn’t win, there’s always something to be happy about after appearing on “Barmageddon.” 

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