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The 'Barmageddon' Episode 8 Viral VIPs Break Down Their Videos

Two people whose viral flubs involved animals went on "Barmageddon" to chase redemption alongside Chris Young and Elle King.

By Tyler McCarthy

Two people who had their brief encounter with online infamy thanks to creatures turned into party animals themselves in the latest episode of “Barmageddon.” 

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Viral VIPs Matt Gatewood and Katherine Brownlow joined Chris Young and Elle King, respectively, in a round of “Barmageddon” games that got highly competitive. While the celebrities played for bragging rights, the Viral VIPs were there to redeem themselves for past videos that didn’t show them at their best moments. 

For Brownlow, a video captured the moment she and a friend popped a bottle of champagne while on horseback. Unfortunately, the noise spooked the horses and she got sent flying from her ride and landed herself a spot in an emergency room.

Fortunately, she told USA Insider that her injury was minor and everyone else, including the horses, was fine. 

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“I’m not embarrassed by it, nobody involved is embarrassed by it. Heck, we were showing it to the doctors in urgent care and everybody had a moment of entertainment,” she explained. 

She also revealed that the brief 13-second clip doesn’t tell the whole story. 

“The first bottle of champagne was already opened and the horses didn’t care,” she explained. “But horses being horses, the second bottle was what changed the narrative. Nobody (other than myself) was hurt, the horses were fine, and I take full responsibility for what happened.”

Joining her was Matt, whose viral video at a drive-up ostrich enclosure gained him some online attention. His video shows him rolling down his car window to feed some aggressive ostriches, who peck their way right through the paper bag he’s holding and eventually bite his finger, eliciting a loud and hilarious scream. 

“My wife always accuses me of being dramatic, and any embarrassment about the video was really with her just being able to give me a hard time,” he told USA Insider. “However, I still contend that this safari park needs to follow the lead of their competition and use plastic bowls rather than paper bags. Other than that, I love the video. It has made a ton of people laugh, and it created this awesome opportunity.”

He also he was blown away by how down-to-earth the three main hosts were. 

“Blake is exactly what you see on TV and was a blast to be around,” he shared. “Carson impressed me by how much of a family man he is (FaceTiming his kids every chance he got). Nikki, however, takes the cake. She was one of the kindest and most sincere people that I have ever been around. She asked about my family and gave me a big hug at the premiere event. As a wrestling fan, I was hoping she would be cool, and she exceeded any expectations that I could have ever had.”

As for whether or not they feel truly redeemed following their time on the show, Brownlow perhaps put it best: “That’s all I can ask that comes from this video, and all the others that are showcased on ‘Barmageddon,’ be light-hearted and allow yourself to enjoy the hilarity of the moment without condemning any of the people involved.”

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