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Nikki Bella Reveals Her Dream 'Barmageddon' Contestant: 'Make It Creepy'

Nikki Bella wants this "creepy" actress to be the next "Barmageddon" contestant — but there's one issue.

By Tyler McCarthy

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red in Nashville has seen some incredibly popular celebrities come through its doors since “Barmageddon” premiered. However, host Nikki Bella still has one actor on her list that she’d be utterly starstruck to see compete on the show. 

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Speaking with Chicago Today, the game show host and WWE Superstar noted that she felt particularly nervous to see big names like Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow not only show up but compete in the wacky bar games she had in store for them. When asked if any star jumps to mind who she’d like to see on “Barmageddon” that hasn’t yet been, she immediately thought of her current favorite series. 

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“Because I just binge-watched the show, Jenna Ortega, 'Wednesday,' I would want to take her on,” she revealed. “I was in such awe of her performance on Netflix on ‘Wednesday’ and I binged it in like two days, which I couldn’t believe I did that but I did.”

Bella added: “I would want to take her on, see what she has. She would make ‘Barmageddon’ creepy. Come on, Jenna, come on our show!” 

Unfortunately, “Barmageddon,” with its emphasis on drinking and partying, might not be the right place for the "Wednesday" star just yet. She’s still one year away from being the legal drinking age of 21. However, Ole Red isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So, she could show up to the party at some point in the future, if she’s not too busy avoiding Ghostface in the next “Scream” movie, that is. 

Elsewhere in her interview, Bella was asked an even more important question about the show: which of her co-stars is the best trash talker. Although Blake  Shelton has proven time and again on “The Voice” that he’s not one to be messed with, Bella had to give the edge to Carson Daly

“I mean, it’s kind of tied between Carson and Blake, but I think I’d have to give it to Carson. Carson’s one-liners that come from nowhere, I’m like, ‘He needs to write a book,’” she shared. “We ned to have Carson-isms, which ‘Barmageddon’ will probably have, of Carson.”

You can tune into all the celebrities, trash talk, cocktails and bar games on “Barmageddon” every Monday at 11/10c on USA Network. You can watch more game show content on Peacock now. 

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