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'Diet Cokagne': Tom Hanks' Drink Concoction Is Worthy Of 'Barmageddon' Acclaim

Tom Hanks appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to show off his latest invention that may appeal to some "Barmageddon" fans. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Barmageddon” fans may be used to drinks from celebrities like Blake Shelton and Carson Daly that are designed to get the party started, but they may not be ready for a more classy beverage invented by none other than A-Lister Tom Hanks. 

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There’s no shortage of drinks either made famous by celebrities or invented by them. Some like the Carson-rita are delicious and others like Pilk are more questionable. During a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the “A Man Called Otto” actor submitted his inclusion into the cocktail culture: Diet Coke mixed with champagne. 

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He explained he was at an event his wife, Rita Wilson, was performing at. To celebrate the New Year, they were given a celebratory bottle of champagne and nice glasses for everyone to toast with. Hanks admitted that he’s not a big drinker, and often opts for the caffeinated Diet Coke when out at social gatherings. 

“If you didn’t have a long enough disco nap, you’re going to fall asleep around 11:45,” he joked

However, to celebrate the holiday, he asked for a little shot of champagne in what was left of his soda. 

“They said ‘You’re insane,’ and I said, ‘Well, I may be insane but I want to celebrate the season.' So, I had a sip of this … Stephen, it was delicious.” 

Colbert then whipped out some Diet Coke and a bottle of bubbly to give the new invention a taste test right on the air. According to its inventor, you start with two-thirds of a glass of Diet Coke and top it off with champagne. Before taking a sip, the duo marveled at the color the mixture produces before diving in. Immediately, Colbert admitted that the drink was indeed tasty. 

“It’s like am America Aperol Spritz,” he joked. “We have a Tom Collins, now we have the Tom Hanks!”
“We were debating what the name of it should be and I came up with it because it’s Coke and champagne, so it’s obviously Diet Cokagne,” Hanks said, getting a big laugh from the audience. 

The two definitely weren’t just putting on a show. As they conducted the rest of their lengthy interview, the late-night host almost finished his glass. Hanks, however, had a little mishap when he was telling a different story and gestured a little too big with his hands, knocking over his glass right onto Colbert’s lap. 

“To quote a great man, ‘Tom Hanks is not a big drinker,’” the host joked. 

Undeterred, they refilled Hanks’ glass and finished the interview, which will forever be remembered as the time the Diet Cokagne made its debut to the world. 

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