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Carson Daly Panics About His Favorite Summer Cocktail Ahead of July 4

The "Barmageddon" co-host is searching for Fresca and club soda is NOT going to cut it.

By Gina Pace
Carson Daly with an image of fresca soda

Carson Daly is gearing up for the holiday weekend and a bit concerned he can’t find a key component to make his signature cocktail, the Carson-ita.

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“Where on God’s green earth have you gone @frescausa?” The "Barmageddon" co-host asked on Instagram. “Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that for more than a decade (back when if you played ‘dead or alive’ & someone offered the name 'Fresca' most would just yell 'DEAD! Fresca is definitely dead!') but I knew you were NOT dead. I know you were alive. Very much alive in my glass. I drank you. A lot. Still do.”

[Editor’s note: The first question that pops when you Google “Fresca” is “Is Fresca discontinued?"]

Daly went on to explain that he went to four different stores and couldn’t find the sugar-free citrus soda. He even went so far as to contact his “pal Jeff, our local bev connect” to get some help.

[Editor’s note: I need a Jeff or a "bev connect."]

Daly gets a little panicky at the thought of having to sub something else out in the cocktail, which he makes with Ketel One vodka and POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. You can find the recipe here.

“I’m taking the fam away for 4th of July holiday, I need you NOW more than ever! I can’t survive this week with Club Soda! (No offense Club Soda, I enjoy you too. But you’re no Fresca),” Daly wrote.

[Editor’s note: Good chance Daly is now on Big Club Soda's hit list.]

“Alright, well, I’m at a loss. Please come back. At least to Long Island’s north shore. Quickly. By 2 pm Friday maybe? Traffic’s gonna suck. I hope you’re ok.”

[Editor’s note: At this point, I hope Daly is OK.]

His "Today Show" co-host Savannah Guthrie even volunteered to help in the comments. “I have a 12 pack you brought when you were at our house — I will bring it to you.”

[Editor’s note: Apparently, Guthrie was not at all tempted to finish off that Fresca on her own.]

Daly isn't the only Fresca super-fan. At sister network Bravo, Andy Cohen has his own cocktail: The Fresquila (which is Fresca and ... tequila).

[Editor's note: There definitely needs to be a Fresca showdown on "Barmageddon."]

He ended the post with a little drink rivalry with his "Barmageddon" co-host.

“Maybe I go @sprite Zero? That’s the @blakeshelton – ita. Nah I’ll just wait.”

[Editor’s note: Team Daly/Fresca on this one. But you can be the judge: Here's a recipe for the Blake-a-Rita from Shelton's bar Ole Red.]  

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