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'The Voice' Coaches Try 'Barmageddon'-Style Games With Heated Keg Kurling Competition

"Barmageddon" made its way to "The Voice" ahead of its premiere with John Legend, Camila Cabello, and Gwen Stefani joining Blake Shelton and Carson Daly for some competition.

By Tyler McCarthy
Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

With the premiere of Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s “Barmageddon” almost here, the duo enlisted the help of their fellow coaches on “The Voice” to try out one of the best games that will be featured on the show: Keg Kurling. 

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In a new video segment shared by “The Voice” on YouTube, Shelton and Daly bring their fellow competitors John Legend, Camila Cabello, and Gwen Stefani to the parking lot where they’ve set up the elaborate bar-themed game. 

While Keg Kurling is old hat to Shelton, Stefani, and Daly, who have played at Ole Red in Nashville for “Barmageddon,” the others were excited to give it a shot. The game sees contestants pair off into teams of two and use a push broom to roll kegs of beer into a target zone. It’s essentially a bar-themed version of shuffleboard. 

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“Did you guys invent this one?” Legend asks. 

“Blake had so many kegs at the house and was driving Gwen crazy, so we thought we’d put them to good use,” Daly jokes. 

With that, they pair off into two teams with Shelton and Cabello going head-to-head with Stefani and Legend. The two newcomers to the game went first and struggled to hit their stride with Cabello pushing a little too hard and Legend going a little too light. However, once they got the hang of it, the game became highly competitive. 

Shelton stepped up next and pushed a near-perfect shot into the target zone, despite his wife trying to distract him with flattery about his “sexy legs.” However, she didn’t need to sabotage her husband since she had some good aim of her own, landing a shot dead center of the target. Cabello responded in kind but Legend came and knocked her point out. After a near miss from Shelton, Stefani ends the game in her and Legend’s favor with another perfect shot. 

“This is supposed to be my game!” Blake complains.

Meanwhile, Legend says beating his partner’s husband at a "Barmageddon" challenge felt even better than winning “The Voice.” 

Cabello took the loss in stride, setting her sights on the real prize. 

“We didn’t win today, but I’m going to win ‘The Voice,’” she says.

Tune into “Barmageddon” on USA Network on Dec. 5 and catch up on “The Voice” on Peacock now.