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Want To Play The 'Barmageddon' Games At Home? Here's What You Can Do

"Barmageddon" turns its bar games up to eleven, but it's very easy to play a version of all of them at home.

By Tyler McCarthy

Barmageddon” is almost upon us, and it promises to bring a slew of heightened bar games that will level the playing field between celebrities and everyday bar patrons at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red in Nashville.

How to Watch

Watch new episodes of Barmageddon Mondays at 11/10c on USA Network

One side effect of the wild ride that is this game show is it will give people the desire to play these games themselves.

Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do. “Barmageddon” offers its players games that seem like the kind that are available in their local bar. However, it would be shocking if the average bar had games as high budget and over the top as the ones Shelton, Carson Daly, and Nikki Bella will preside over. 

Still, although the actual “Barmageddon” games can only be found at Ole Red, they’re all simple takes on bar games that people can set up in their own homes for a limited budget. Here's how you can play along.

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Beer Pong

Bar Games Beer Pong

On “Barmageddon,” players toss giant basketball-sized balls into cups the size of trash cans from the second-floor balcony of Ole Red. While that’s difficult to set up in your home, regular beer pong takes mere minutes. 

Simply find a long table that stands at about the height of your hip. At either end, make a triangle of plastic cups and fill them with either beer or water about one-quarter to halfway full. Then, divide into teams and take turns tossing ping-pong balls into the cups until your opponents are all gone and you’ve got at least one left standing. 


Bar Games Darts

On “Barmageddon,” players ride a mechanical bull and do their best to hit targets with a paintball gun. The scoring system works in the way of “Horse,” where players have to match successful shots. However, the crux of the game is accuracy. 

Well, that’s very similar to the classic bar game darts. Unfortunately, the game requires users to either build their own board or go out and spend some money on one.


Bar Games Pictionary

The “Barmageddon” version of the game slowly unveils a picture piece by piece and has the contestants draw it on a chalkboard until their teammates can guess what it’s supposed to be. 

It would be easy to simply get a chalkboard at home and have your best artist mock up all the templates. However, if you want to strip the game down a little bit more, a pen, a pad of paper, and a handful of text prompts will do the trick to get you and your guests screaming random words in a race for artistic supremacy. 

Hook and Ring

Bar Games Hook And Ring

On “Barmageddon,” contestants try to get a massive ring on a rope around a pair of deer antlers that act as a ceiling decoration inside Ole Red. 

While it may be hard to have the space to do that in one’s home, a simpler version of the game can be found around bars and basements across the country. All you need is a simple key ring, some string, and a coat hook. Measure out the string so that there’s only enough slack for the ring to get on the hook from a perfect shot. Then, you simply stand back and see how fast you can make that perfect shot. If you’ve got the space and supplies, maybe add a second so you and your friends can race. 


Bar Games Cornhole

This is without a doubt the game that “Barmageddon” upgrades the most. Players get a massive air-powered cannon that shoots bean bags. They aim them at a huge board with holes that lives on the roof of Ole Red. If the celebrities and guests land a bean bag in a hole, they get a point. 

If you don’t have access to an air-powered cannon… or if your family doesn’t believe you should have access to a cannon of any kind ... there’s a simpler version of the game you can play at home. 

It’s easy to find the cornhole bean bags in stores or online as well as the boards necessary to play as well. However, if you’re the crafty type, they’re also very easy to build. At the end of the day, it’s just an angled board with a hole on top. Position the boards within throwing distance of each other and toss the bags for three rounds. A bag on the board is one point, a bag in the hole is two. The team with the most points at the end of the rounds wins!

Check out these games and more on “Barmageddon” starting on Dec. 5 on USA Network. You can catch more game shows on Peacock now.