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The Trash Talk Gets Intense In 'Barmageddon' Episode 8: Here Are The Highlights

Blake Shelton, Nikki Bella, and Carson Daly pulled no punches while mocking Chris Young for his bad "Barmageddon" skills.

By Tyler McCarthy
Elle King and Chris Young Play Air Cannon Cornhole

Barmageddon” is a place for trash talk, which was never more prevalent than during the game of Air Cannon Cornhole between Chris Young, Elle King, and their respective Viral VIPs.

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Both musicians stepped up to the line to shoot their shot and missed, which astonished co-host Blake Shelton, who made it clear that he believes country singers ought to be good at a game like this.

“You’re a country singer, this is corn!” he shouted after Young missed his next shot. 

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When his Viral VIP, Matt, tried to give him some constructive feedback on his shooting skills, Nikki Bella joined in on the pile-on, joking, “Even your Viral VIP is talking s--t to you!” 

While the hosts continued to lambast Young, King managed to avoid the brunt of the smack talk thanks to the masterful shooting skills of her Viral VIP,  Katherine, who sunk a shot and got one on the board for a total of three points while Young’s team was still stranded at zero at the end of round one.

King decided to expand their lead, calling for a celeb shot and handing the cannon over to Carson Daly. Finally, it was time for Ole Red’s resident bartender to put his money where his mouth is. Luckily for him, he got on one knee and sunk a shot directly in the hole for two points.

Shelton then stepped up for Young’s team, but only landed a bag on the board. 

It was then all on Matt, who realized they were down by a whopping six points. That’s when the Viral VIP got clever.

“Is there a six-point shot I’m not aware of?“ he joked. “How about this: If I make it straight in the middle, six-point shot.”

Intrigued, Shelton agreed but said if they lose, they don’t spin the Wheel of Redemption; instead he and Carson will just choose their fate. With a deal in place, Matt stepped up to the line and managed to land the exact shot he called, tying up the game seven to seven.

Unfortunately, it came down to Young in Sudden Death, who hadn't sunk a shot yet. Sadly, he failed once again and his team took the big L.

It’s unclear if the trash talk got to him or if he simply is the rare country singer who is no good with corn. Either way, his team had an uphill battle ahead for the rest of the game. Watch the episode to see what happened!

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