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'It’s Definitely Been Weird': 'Barmageddon' Viral VIP Max Talks Infamous Kayak Video

Max Miller is famous for his kayak video and now for his appearance on "Barmageddon" as a Viral VIP.

By Tyler McCarthy

It was another highly competitive battle on “Barmageddon” as Lil Rel Howery took on Malin Akerman at Blake Shelton's bar, Ole Red. Like every episode, the stars weren't competing alone. They fought it out alongside two Viral VIPs there to chase redemption for their embarrassing old videos. 

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Akerman was paired up with Jennifer Groth, who had her time in the online spotlight back when she was pregnant and her friend spotted something on her back. Immediately convinced it was some kind of bug or another animal, Groth began to panic and run around her yard screaming. Fortunately, it was just an old lollipop stick that she’d sat on. Although the crisis was averted at the time, the video lived on and landed her a spot on “Barmageddon.” 

Joining Lil Rel was Max Miller, who is perhaps best known for a video in which his drama skills are on full display as his kayak very slowly sinks into a marsh. Those who are familiar with his video likely remember him crying out to his friend Sarah to help him as she laughs and fails to give him any worthwhile assistance (what could she do, anyway?).

The video spread far and wide on social media for years as people laughed at Matt’s predicament and his hilarious reaction to slowly sinking into the marsh. Fortunately, he’s the one laughing now that he’s been to “Barmageddon.” 

“I had a great time,” he told USA Insider of his time on the show. “Overall just a really fun experience. [It’s] not every day you get to go spend 6 hours hanging out playing bar games with celebrities! All and all I wouldn’t have changed any of it and I appreciate everything that’s come along as a result.” 

As for how Max feels about his embarrassing video today? He says he spent some years finding the experience surreal but overall learned to accept it and now believes there are much worse things in the world than something silly he did making people laugh. 

“I don’t think about it too often unless it comes up in conversation somehow, it’s definitely been weird over the years to see all of the memes/GIFs that came from it, and to have people quote ‘Sarah help me’ around me without realizing I was the one in that kayak,” he said. 

Max added the video has been a “fun ride” for him and now loves entertaining people on purpose on TikTok

He concluded: “I’m glad I’ve been able to make so many people laugh as a result.”

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