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'I Never Said That Wasn't Possible': 'Barmageddon' Tests Celebrities' Brain Power In Episode 7

Malin Akerman went up against Lil Rel Howery in a game of Sharts on "Barmageddon." 

By Tyler McCarthy
Malin Akerman Battles Lil Rel Howery in a Game of Sharts

It was another battle between two celebrities on the latest episode of “Barmageddon” when actress Malin Akerman went up against comedian Lil Rel Howery. Although the duo had an intensely competitive game, the definitive highlight of the night was the wordplay during Sharts. 

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Short for “Shelton Darts,” the game sees the celebrities and their Viral VIPs step up to a line and throw a dart at a wall of balloons. If they manage to pop one (big "if" as it turns out), a clue will be revealed that will help them figure out a colloquial phrase. The first team to guess the phrase wins the round. 

For a game all about words, it’s no surprise that the gang, including Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, made hay out of the title. For example, at one point while Rel and his Viral VIP were discussing which balloon to go for, Carson noted that he’s never seen this much strategy go into a game of Sharts. 

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“It’s always been an accident when I did it,” Shelton joked. 

The game itself was a close one between the teams, who both suffered bouts of bad luck. In all three rounds, the group busted more balloons that didn’t have clues behind them than ones that did, forcing them to come up with guesses based on only a couple of pictures. Fortunately, they’re all quick on their feet. 

Akerman’s side first figured out “the birds and the bees” based on two pictures, earning them the first point. Although, Shelton gently ribbed their side for getting a pretty easy one since those two photos were of a bird and a bee. 

The next round was a little more difficult and saw even more non-clue balloons pop, prompting a brief conspiracy theory from Rel’s Viral VIP, who speculated they were just being messed with. 

“I never said that’s not possible,” Shelton responded with a smirk. 

However, after a few more tosses, Rel figured out it was “drink like a fish.” Just like that, the game was tied. 

It all came down to the last round where the teams popped literally every balloon that wasn’t a clue before finally getting some information. Akerman popped a cat but incorrectly guessed “cat in the bag” (likely meaning to say “the cat is out of the bag”). 

When Rel’s team then got a dog on their next throw, they quickly guessed “Raining cats and dogs” taking the game with two points. Just like that, they were the Sharts champions of the night. 

“People will think of you when they think of sharting,” Shelton said in his last quip of the game. 

Tune into “Barmageddon” Monday at 11/10c on USA Network. You can watch more game show content on Peacock right now.