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Blake Shelton's Mullet Is Back, Ahead Of The Release Of His New Song

Blake Shelton announced the release of a new song titled "No Body" by bringing back his signature mullet hairstyle. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Blake Shelton with a mullet hairstyle

Blake Shelton’s infamous mullet is back just in time for the release of a new song titled “No Body.” 

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On Monday, the “Barmageddon” star took to Instagram to share a photo of himself sporting some long locks in the back with a large black cowboy hat covering what is, presumably, all-business in the front. 

“Had to bring back the mullet just for y'all,” he captioned the post. “New song out this Friday.”

Those who have been paying close attention to Shelton’s social media presence know he has been re-growing the mullet he sported early on in his career since March 2020 when he called off his concerts and business meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before you ask, he has been doing it with the full approval of his wife, Gwen Stefani

In fact, he and Stefani appeared on “The Tonight Show” together in 2020 where she helped sculpt his mullet while he conducted a virtual interview with host Jimmy Fallon. Before that, the couple shared a video of them shaving some stripes on the side of his head. 

Shelton is a big fan of the mullet, specifically his own. For those unfamiliar, he sported the look for the early years of his career and didn’t shear it off until 2007 when “Pure BS” came out. However, prior to that, he explained to CMT why he was so hesitant to get rid of his long hair.

“My son also has long hair and is very proud of it,” he told the outlet in 2003. “I choose to keep my hair long because it has been long since I was 12 years old. It doesn’t matter to me what other people do with their hair, and I do not think they are interested in how I wear my hair. Basically, it has gotten to the point where it is just a matter of pride. And I know it looks like crap, but it is just more fun to me to irritate people than cut my hair to satisfy them.”

Although he cut his mullet, he’s been signaling for years that he hoped to bring it back. Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2017 after he was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, he noted that he hoped the clout would allow him to rock it again, according to PEOPLE. Now it seems he's taken the first step toward doing just that. But will it work? 

One place where Shelton’s work getting the mullet back in style is already underway is, of course, the world of NASCAR. As a result, he fit right in earlier this year when he was the Grand Marshal of the NASCAR All-Star Race in Texas. 

"Barmageddon" premiers on USA Network later this year but you can catch NASCAR content on Peacock right now. 

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