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After An Anonymous Warning Note, Nicole Rémy Has 3 Suitors Left On The 'Courtship'

Ms. Nicole Rémy has a heartbreaking decision to make after receiving an anonymous letter on Episode 11 of "The Courtship."

By Becca van Sambeck
A crying Nicole is comforted by her best friend and sister

Ms. Nicole Rémy started off with a bevy of suitors in the beginning of "The Courtship." But despite some new arrivals to the gorgeous castle where they are living out Regency-era romance, she has whittled down the men to just four finalists. Who will be the lucky one to win her heart? Well, Episode 11 of "The Courtship" gave viewers some clarity, as Nicole received a shocking note.

What Happened In Episode 11 Of 'The Courtship'?

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The activity of the week is a practical one: Each suitor is assigned a chore to help prepare for a luxury dinner. As Nicole points out, it's important to know who can pull their weight when it comes to helping around the house. Mr. Jesse Judge wrangles the geese, Mr. Lincoln Chapman battles an onslaught of terrifying bees to procure some honey, Mr. Christian Cones milks goats, and Mr. Danny Bochicchio is in charge of the chickens.

Some interesting conversations happen during the busy day: Lincoln dismays Nicole's parents with his love of van life and lack of interest in a time frame for commitment, while Danny tells Nicole he's deeply upset she had another overnight sleepover with Lincoln. The conversation turns around on him, though, as Nicole cries and tells him she's in love with Danny — and Danny isn't able to say those words back.

But Danny isn't the only suitor who's not quite at the "I love you" stage. In the parlor with the men, Lincoln again says he isn't sure about committing to Nicole, saying maybe it'll just be "hot and heavy" when they see each other and describing it more as a "fling." This upsets Christian, who writes Nicole an anonymous letter warning her that Lincoln will never love her and has no interest in a serious relationship.

Nicole is, understandably, hurt and livid. When she confronts Lincoln, he insists he is "crazy about" her and having "fun" but eventually admits he isn't the right person for her. She sends him packing, and Lincoln has the nerve to ask her for a hug. 

"I need you to go," she firmly responds. Good for you, Nicole!

There is a last dance as usual, which has the remaining three men — Danny, Christian, and Jesse — on edge. She cheerfully tells Jesse she feels their bond growing, and happily accepts Danny's apology for making her cry. But after Christian confesses to writing the letter, she's touched and says it was the right thing to do. No men are going home just yet, she decides.

So, we have our final three suitors! Which one will she choose? We'll just have to keep watching to see.

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