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Which Of These Beautiful, Romantic Villas From TV Would You Stay At?

Yes, people go on dating reality shows to find love. But we have to imagine staying in these stunning mansions and villas is one of the perks!

By Becca van Sambeck
How to Apply to Be on Temptation Island

Sure, you can fall in love absolutely anywhere. But we have to imagine it definitely helps if you're in a romantic atmosphere ... like a beautiful mansion with a massive pool and outdoor bar.

When we watch our favorite dating shows like "Temptation Island" and "The Bachelor," it's not just a break from reality to see people fall in love, it's also exciting to see the luxurious residences where the action takes place. Here are just some of our favorite mansions, resorts, and villas on romance reality TV.

"Temptation Island"

Villas Temptation Island3

It's easy to understand why people in relationships are tempted while appearing on USA Network's series "Temptation Island." Not only are they surrounded by sexy singles, but they're also in one of the most beautiful villas on TV! The show always takes place in Hawaii, with the men in one villa and the women in another. Of course, it is a challenge to find the perfect homes before each season.

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“We don’t want the villas to be too close to each other to ensure that the cast can’t communicate between houses or even hear what is going on,” executive producer David Goldberg told USA Insider. “[In Season 4], the girls’ villa was in the mountains above Lahaina and the men’s villa was on the beach near Kaanapali.” 

As we saw, this year the homes had great views, a stunning outdoor-indoor area, and a fun pool.

"Love Island"

OK, "Love Island" is sometimes a bit of a misnomer for the USA version, which aired its fourth season at the Casa Grande building Dos Pueblos Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. But you don't need to be on an island when the residence is this gorgeous!

As you can see in the villa tour with host Sarah Hyland, one of the highlights is the backyard, which has multiple pools and seating areas, as well as string lights and plenty of greenery. We also love that Instagram-ready kitchen.

Past seasons were filmed in Fiji, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.

"The Bachelor"

Villas The Bachelor3

It might just be the most famous mansion on TV: The beautiful residence on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" franchises. A massive, Mediterranean-style villa with an infinity pool, seven bedrooms, and multiple jacuzzis, this Malibu mansion has been the site of some intense drama and memorable rose ceremonies.

Fun fact: When the mansion is in use by the TV crews, they totally redo it.

“They’re here 42 days, twice a year,” the owner Marshall Haraden told US Weekly. “Everything leaves — everything that’s not tied down, that’s not part of the home. Curtains, TVs, pots and pans, clothes — everything in one day goes out. And then they take two weeks to put it together the way they want it, and they shoot for X amount of days, and then they spend two weeks to put it back.”

He said production even paints the mansion when they need it: “They’ll paint it to the colors they want, whether it’s a man or it’s a woman — Bachelor/Bachelorette, they’ll change the motif. They paint it back and forward a lot, so [in total the show has given it] about 44 coats of paint.”

"Love Is Blind"

Villas Love Is Blind2

OK, a giant chunk of "Love Is Blind" takes place in the pods: the small rooms where they go to talk to one of the other contestants, unable to see them because of the wall separating them. It's in those pods they form intense connections and fall in love, despite not ever seeing the other person.

But once some of the couples get engaged sight unseen, they get to spend their honeymoon stage in a beautiful setting: Previous seasons have seen the couples enjoying the magic of a resort in Mexico, while Season 3 had the couples getting to know each other in person at a luxurious residence in Malibu, California.

"The Courtship"

Villas The Courtship

The whole hook of the USA Network series "The Courtship" is that our heroine, Nicole Rémy, and her suitors are dating like it's the Regency era. That means observing customs of the time, engaging in period-appropriate activities, and dressing like they're in a Jane Austen novel. It also means they live in a Regency-style mansion!

The drama of "The Courtship" takes place at Castle Howard, a legit palace in North Yorkshire, England. It's a massive, historic building, one that immediately brings you back to the 1700s and 1800s.

"Castle living...I mean it's incredible, right?" Rémy told NBC Insider. "It's basically a museum. We stayed in this gorgeous castle with marble everywhere, statues everywhere, paintings. It was a very unique experience, I wish everybody could try it."

However, she did admit the castle, with all its history and antiques, could be a bit spooky.

"It creaks. It felt a little haunted at times, I'm not gonna lie. I mean, that castle's seen a lot of things," she said.

Catch up on "The Courtship" and "Temptation Island" on Peacock now.