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Endgame and Trainwrecks: These Are The Best 'Love Island' Season 4 Couples So Far

Whether it's watching Sydney and Isaiah crash and burn or Timmy and Zeta thrive, 'Love Island' Season 4 has a lot going on with its couples.

By Tyler McCarthy
Love Island Couples

Love Island” Season 4 is in full swing as everyone continues to find their footing with new partners. But although there are a ton of messy relationships and people still struggling to find love, a few couples have emerged as top contenders in the 2022 season.

Whether it’s because viewers see them as endgame or as the most entertaining trainwreck so far, there are a few couples whose time on screen raises more eyebrows or leads to more cheers than others. While everyone still has plenty of time to rise to the top of the fans' list to vote on, we thought it might be worth taking a look at the “Love Island” Season 4 landscape so far so diehard fans can start placing their bets. 

Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb

Love Island Deb Jesse

This couple is far from perfect. In fact, they’re not even fully together right now in the villa. That said, since day one of Season 4, Jesse and Deb have been weirdly connected and continue to circle back to each other emotionally — if not physically. 

When Jesse arrived on the island, he was far from the perfect man. He juggled Deb and Valerie Bragg for far too long before Valerie just called it quits and left the situation. This led him back to Deb, who accepted him despite feeling like his silver medal. She took him back again after he made out with Sereniti Springs. 

Given all that, it makes sense that she was willing to look elsewhere when Casa Amor rolled around and returned to the villa with Kyle Fraser. However, with Kyle unceremoniously leaving the villa, she and Jesse were able to circle back to each other once again. Are they endgame? Hard to say, but their on-and-off thing is sure fun to watch. 

Jeff Christian Jr. and Nadjha Day

Love Island Nadjha Jeff

Nadjha Day is a relatively new member of the villa, but she immediately found herself in a couple with Jeff Christian Jr. However, the connection was tenuous at best. It’s how they strengthened that bond that makes them one of the most interesting. 

Once Casa Amor rolled around, Nadjha decided to explore her options and ended up coupling with Nic Birchall. These things happen, no hard feelings, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. 

While Nadjha returned to the villa with a new love interest, Jeff stayed super chaste in his villa and even avoided the new singles because he was so committed to the woman he started with. That actually impressed Nadjha and that made her immediately reconsider her decision. So, she quickly returned to him and started avoiding Nic.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell 

Love Island Sydney Isaiah

This is a messy, messy couple that’s been paired up since day one of Season 4. However, like others on the island, their (mostly his) many mistakes and extra encounters with fellow islanders were all filtered through the bond that they continue to share. 

They recently faced their greatest test yet when Isaiah was preparing to ask Sydney to be his girlfriend before Casa Amor rolled around. That’s when he found himself tempted by newcomer Phoebe Siegel. He admitted Sydney checks all his boxes for a future partner, but was shocked to see that this new sexy single somehow added a box he didn’t know was there…

He ended up returning with Phoebe and breaking Sydney’s heart. However, once he was no longer physically removed from his day one, Isaiah ended up having second thoughts and circling back, literally groveling for Sydney to forgive him once again.

Basically, despite her seemingly endless patience and his ability to keep messing up, Sydney and Isaiah keep being in each other’s orbit and it shows no signs of stopping. 

Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison

Love Island Zeta Timmy

These two literally paired up on the first night and it’s been nothing but the two of them ever since … for the most part. 

Look, “Love Island” is a lot more complicated than it seems and not every relationship is as clean as people want it to be. The duo stayed together but faced a small rift at one coupling ceremony when Bria Bryant joined the island and hit it off with Timmy. 

They paired up but he quickly realized he was being silly and had a significantly stronger connection with Zeta. Since then, they’ve been inseparable and even resisted temptation at Casa Amor. Now, there is nothing stopping them from taking home the $100,000 grand prize — especially given that their messiness pales in comparison to their closest competition of Season 4. Still not great, though.

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