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Heartbreak, Hook Ups And Eliminations: The Wildest 'Love Island USA' Moments

"Love Island" has a devoted fanbase thanks to its wild and steamy moments. Ahead of the Season 4 premiere, we look back on the most gasp-worthy incidents in the series.

By Tyler McCarthy
A Love Island contestant carrying an inflatable heart in the pool

Love Island” is a show about making connections and finding love. However, the path to getting there is often fraught with shocking moments and more than a few broken hearts. 

The US version of the British series that captivated the world is dropping a fourth season with a brand new host on a brand new platform, Peacock on Tuesday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The new crop of singles promises some steamy action as well as six days a week of wild antics in their stunning villa as they seek love, connection and, of course, a $100,000 grand prize

To prepare viewers for what may be in store for them this time around, we're running through some of the wildest, most shocking moments that have gone down on “Love Island USA” in the first three seasons. 

Johnny Cheats On Cely

A Love Island contestant carrying an inflatable heart in the pool

In Season 2, Johnny Middlebrooks was coupled up with Cely Vazquez and things seemed pretty strong between them. However, like many “Love Island” couples, their world was rocked by the move to Casa Amor.

For those unfamiliar, all the couples were split up and taken by gender into a new area where new singles were brought in to tempt them. While no one was really on their best behavior, viewers were shocked to see how quickly Johnny got hot and heavy with new islander Mercades Schell, spending their night together cuddling and making out under the covers. 

In most worlds, this is considered cheating and is an unforgivable offense. However, when their time in Casa Amor was done, Johnny made it clear he wanted to stay with Cely and she agreed. Although they would later break up, the drama made for great viewing that season. 

Kelsey Bows Out

Kelsey Jenkins from Season 1 of Love Island

Recoupling ceremonies are always places of intense drama. However, in Season 1 there was a particular moment that caught not only the islanders but the viewers completely off guard. 

Season 1 newcomer Emily Salch had been torn between two guys she was vibing with on the island, Weston Richey and Eric Hall. The former, however, was already kind of coupled up with Kelsey Jurewicz. So, when Emily ultimately decided to go with Weston, it left Kelsey in the position of being stranded without a partner. 

Sure, she could have just chosen someone at random to stay on the island with and live to party another week. Unfortunately, leading someone on just for her own personal benefit and air time was not Kelsey’s style. 

"I came into this villa with an open heart and open mind. I genuinely came in here looking for love and even though I didn't find that, I met some amazing people along the way," Kelsey said at the time. "Right now, I think I need to do what's best for me. So right now, I choose to remove myself from the villa."

Just like that, she stepped away and the islanders were forced to limp on with one fewer single lady in the mix. 

A Love Square

Cashay and Cinco sit facing eahc other on a big yellow couch

Love triangles and squares tend to happen in shows like this. However, viewers simply ate up the drama in Season 3 when Trina Njoroge, Cinco Holland Jr., Cashay Proudfoot, and Charlie Lynch found themselves in a romantic entanglement.

Charlie came in as a Casa Amor newbie and immediately set his sights on Cashay. At the time, though, she was dealing with her feelings for Cinco and the attention of a new sexy suitor really helped. This made Cinco abandon what he had going with Trina and focus on Cashay. Seeing that he was clearly in the middle of something complicated, Charlie started to let his eye wander over to someone outside the love square — Alana Paolucci (love pentagon?). 

Ultimately, he coupled up with her, shocking viewers everyone as he left the myriad of relationships he touched with his attraction to Cashay in shambles, resulting in Cashay getting sent home.

Moira Picks Clavin Over James

Moira sitting with a man on an orange couch, laughing

Moira Tumas surprised Season 2 viewers when she ultimately rekindled things with her first romance in the villa, Calvin Cobb. The two were pretty steamy together but ultimately parted ways after the dramatic Casa Amor twist of that season. She started to pursue things with James McCool. 

However, when push came to shove, she decided to circle back to Calvin, resulting in James getting the boot from the island. Viewers were shocked because it seemed like Moira and James had quite the connection and the Calvin of it all felt like it was thoroughly behind both of them. In the end, though, she and Calvin ended up being finalists in Season 2, even if they didn’t last once the show ended. 

"Love Island" Season 4 premieres on Peacock and USA Network on July 19.

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