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Where Are The Temptation Island Season 4 Contestants Now?

The Temptation Island Season 4 couples have gone through some big changes since the reunion. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island's Luke and Iris smiling at each other in the back of a car

It’s been a long time since the finale of Temptation Island Season 4 aired and even longer since the couples made their decisions about what they would do in their relationships. However, did they stick with those decisions?

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The last time fans saw the respective couples, they reunited to talk about their experience and drop some bombshells about what went down both on the show and behind the scenes. Prior to that, they all sat down with host Mark L. Walberg to explain whether they wanted to leave the island with the person they came with, someone else, or leave by themselves. Now that the dust has settled and the cameras have stopped rolling, it’s time to take a look at where the couples from Temptation Island Season 4 are now. 

Hania Stocker and Ash Lamiroult

Ash And Hania seated together

Ash and Hania came to the island after dating for about 18 months. Ash was planning to move across the country for work and Hania was pitching the idea of an open relationship. Ultimately, he learned that’s not what he wanted and decided to propose to Ash, but it was too late. They moved on with one of the singles who ended up ghosting them after the show. 

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Still, that doesn’t mean they got back together with Hania. Since the show ended, Hania has remained relatively low-key on social media and out of the spotlight. From what he has posted, it seems he’s focusing on his gardening business in New Mexico and possibly avoiding dating for the time being. 

Meanwhile, Ash is very open about their decision to stay single for awhile and figure themselves out. On social media, they’ve been spending a lot of time with fellow Temptation Island Season 4 star Brianna Hile in her hometown of Las Vegas. They seems to have also rededicated themself to their first love, burlesque performing. When they're not making hilarious videos or going live on Instagram to showcase their art skills, they're dabbling in cosplay and modeling as well. 

Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel

Iris And Luke sitting together, holding hands

Perhaps the couple that grew the most on the island in Season 4 ended up much better off for it, or so it seemed at the time.

Iris made it clear to Luke that he had a lot of maturing to do before they could get serious together. So, he took that to heart and (mostly) avoided the temptation to focus on his goals. In the end, he proposed to Iris, who also went on a journey of self-discovery thanks to the single male suitors in her villa. She accepted and the two said at they reunion they were excitedto plan their wedding.

Not long after, Luke and Iris shared their engagement photo session on Instagram and revealed they were still going strong — and relieved they're able to publicly speak about their engagement. In separate interviews with USA Insider after the show, they both noted that they'd been communicating much better and that the only arguments they really had were about who would get to post photos from the exciting things they were doing together so that the world didn’t figure out they’re still together before the show ended. However, they would later reveal their problems ran much deeper than that.

In November of 2022, they took to her YouTube channel to address rumors that they'd since broken up after she seemingly purged him from her Instagram grid and stopped wearing her ring. It turns out, they took a break from their relationship while after she alleges she caught him being flirtatious with other girls on social media once again. Although it seemed like they had properly recociled, from their YouTube video, in June of 2023, Iris went on Kaci Campbell's It's Tempting podcast and revealed she and Luke split up just after the video came out. During that time she met another guy named Ryan. Luke, meanwhile, made an attempt to get back together with Iris once again and they took a romantic trip to Thailand. However, while there, she claims she found out he had been seeing other women and trying to hide it from her. Luke denies he slept with anyone but Iris claimed on the podcast she had evidence. 

Regardless, the two are officially done and Iris has moved on with Ryan and plans to start a business venture that he's funding catering to adult content creators. 

Lascelles Lagares and Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley And Lascelles seated together

Lascelles and Ashley came to the island wondering if their seven-year relationship was as bulletproof as it felt — and discovered it wasn’t

Lascelles quickly succumbed to temptation and declared his love for Trace Winningham, making it clear at almost every bonfire that he was done with Ashley. Ultimately, he left the island with Trace and Ashley left single despite her connection with Blake Blumenshine. When it came time for the reunion, things got spicy. 

It came out that things between Lascelles and Trace fizzled out after he visited her. That’s when Alexa Coppola spoke up and revealed that Lascelles had kissed her before going to meet with Trace, and that he gave her the impression there was nothing going on between them at the time. Although he attempted to defend his actions, Lascelles did not come out looking good. 

Ashley noted that his actions reaffirmed her decision to leave him and revealed she was seeing someone else. Since then, she’s continued to share posts about her life with this new man as well as sharing updates from her various business ventures, including launching a podcast and founding a juicing business. Meanwhile, Lascelles appears to be single and is working hard to bring his modeling and acting career to the next level. In January of 2022, he shared that he had joined the FDNY and is apparently working as a firefighter in his native New York City. 

Edgar De Santiago and Gillian Lieberman

Gillian And Edgar seated together

These college sweethearts wanted to see if their relationship could resist the temptations that post-grad life had to offer. Pretty quickly, they realized they’d outgrown each other and were excited to explore things with singles Marissa Rodriguez and Tommy Soltis, respectively. 

At the reunion, Gillian really took Edgar to task for cheating on her, and he seemed pretty defeated by the whole experience. Since then, he is rededicating himself to art, which includes his acting career, writing and modeling. He's even collaborating with some fashion brands. He also said on his website that he's working on publishing his first book of poetry after his Temptation Island poem was a big hit with Marissa. She previously confirmed in an interview with USA Insider they haven't taken any steps forward in a possible relationship.

Meanwhile, Gillian is exploring sponsorships and traveling the world. She too appears to still be single but ready to mingle as she explores all the avenues that being on the show has afforded her. In addition to travel and the influencer life, she's gotten herself into real estate sales as well. 

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