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'It's Uncomfortable For Me!': Does 'Temptation Island' Host Mark L. Walberg Pick Bonfire Clips?

"Temptation Island" Mark L. Walberg reveals whether or not he picks the infamous bonfire clips on the show.

By Becca van Sambeck
Temptation Island's Mark L Walberg At the Bonfire

"Temptation Island" is a show that features very messy situations, so naturally, plenty of memes about the show have sprung up. One of the most common jokes about "Temptation Island" has to do with its beloved host Mark L. Walberg, who shows each person jaw-dropping (and sometimes painful) clips of what their significant other is doing on the island without them at the bonfires, and then simply asks, "So, what did you see?"

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As it turns out, Mark is actually watching those bonfire clips for the first time with the couples.

"I don't pick the bonfire clips. I don't watch them before. I don't watch them because I want to watch them with [the couples]. Let's process it together in the moment. Now, sometimes I get a heads up: 'Look, you're going to see this,' or I might have seen some raw footage that I'll assume is going to be in the clip. But I don't watch the clip, nor do I pick the clip, nor do I have an opinion of the clip," he told USA Insider in a recent interview.

And while some viewers like to joke Mark may secretly be reveling in the awkwardness of the clips, he admitted it's actually the complete opposite. In fact, if he had it his way, the clips would be much different!

"Sometimes, I feel like the clips are way over the top. I always say that if I were the executive producer of this show, it would be unwatched because anything that's uncomfortable, I would cut it out. I wouldn't want to hurt anybody. I find it kind of a paradox that as much as I hate confrontation and I'm so Southern, I want everybody to be happy, I find myself hosting these shows that are highly confrontational. I feel better that at least I'm the one who has to deal with the confrontation, not somebody that I don't trust ... it's really uncomfortable to watch somebody see something that's going to hurt them," he said.

When it comes to his advice for the couples during the bonfires, he said he urges them not to retaliate and to keep in mind that what they're seeing is just a small slice of what's going on — it's not the full story.

"What I say is, 'Look, regardless of the truth of the clip, the context of the clip, what it brings up immediately emotionally is what's important. If you think this is what's going on, it makes you feel this way, that gives you an answer [about where you're head is at] ... These people matter. I take every word that I say to them seriously and think that it's important ... to give them the honor of being careful with them because that's what you do with humans that you like and love," he explained.

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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