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Top 15 Temptation Island Contestants to Follow on Instagram

From modeling poses, to living out their dreams, 15 of the top contestants from Temptation Island give an inside look at their lives after the show on Instagram. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Temptation Island season 4 cast

Looking for something to do while you anxiously await the new season of Temptation Island? How about scrolling Instagram to catch up on what previous contestants have been up since their seasons ended?

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Some have their pages set on private, others simply have let their social media presence vanish. However, there are some Islanders that are active and embracing sharing their lives on Instagram. Here’s where to follow the top contestants from the first four seasons of Temptation Island.

Season 1

Kaci (@callmekac)

The most shocking breakup on Temptation Island Season 1 was between Kaci and Evan. While Evan went on to try to make a relationship with Morgan Lolar, Kaci started living her best life. She is in her creative element hosting the It’s Tempting podcast and the My Living Room Couch podcast. Her Instagram page is full of fun in the sun, hanging with friends, and she appears to still be single.

Morgan (@morganlolar) 

Morgan was one of the singles in Season 1 but ended up winning Evan’s heart away from Kaci. Kaci wanted to work out the relationship with a tearful dramatic plea, but Evan decided Morgan was the one for him. Unfortunately things didn’t work out. Morgan’s Instagram is full of modeling poses from lingerie to bathing suits. 

John (@johnsthurmond) 

John and Kady ultimately went their separate ways in Season 1, but John has managed to move on with his life. His social media shows he is still working as a personal trainer. During the pandemic he was able to shift to offering online classes. He shows off his family, friends, and clients on Instagram all while managing to make silly hilarious videos. 

Kady (@Kadycannon313)

After Kady and John split, she has been staying busy, promoting her marketing agency, Kannon. She also shares her fitness journey on social media as well as all the fun she's having with her close friends.  

Season 2

Deac (@deacconti) 

Season 2 found Deac in a love triangle with Ashley and Ben. It ultimately didn’t work out, but he did make a return in Season 4 to take another shot at finding love. Since the shows wrapped, Deac has been staying busy partying, traveling, and fishing. 

Ben (@benjaminrileyk)

Ben found himself in the middle of a love square with Ashley, Deac, and Casey. Ashley chose Ben but, in the end, things didn’t work out since she hooked up with Casey after the show. Ben has since found new love and is now planning a wedding with his new partner. 

Ashley G (@agoldsuncasting)

Ashley and Rick were one of the couples that left everyone scratching their heads on the second season. She got her feelings hurt when Rick offhandedly said he wasn’t going to handcuff her at the first date selection, so she channeled those emotions into getting intimate with single Kaalan. Ashley and Rick left together to work things out, but the relationship fizzled. She’s been staying busy casting dating shows like Temptation Island and Love Island USA

Rachel (@rachelhamel) 

Rachel was one of the singles on Season 2 that didn’t cause a lot of drama. She made a connection with Casey despite the fact he came onto the island in a relationship with Ashley. If you are looking for fashion inspiration, her Instagram is the place to be since the fashion designer shows off her sense of style. 

Season 3

Kendal (@kenkirk) 

Kendal and Alexcys' hookup was the talk of Season 3. Kendal had arrived on the island with his girlfriend, Erica, but was soon hooking up with multiple women including Alexcys and another single, Nickole. His Instagram doesn’t reveal if there is a lady currently in his life, but you’ll find lots of photos of him with palm trees as the backdrop. 

Alexcys (@alexcysjordyn)

The personal assistant turned scuba instructor brought the heat to season three. Since then, she has become more active on Instagram, showing off her friends and travels. It doesn’t appear that she’s dating anyone based on her feed, but she looks happy. 

Erin Smith (@esm0oth) 

Erin appeared on Temptation Island Season 3, but although she left the island with her boyfriend, Corey, she called it quits with him shortly after. She found love with someone else and on December 28 last year, she announced on Instagram that she and her partner Justin are expecting a baby girl. 

Season 4

Ashley R (@officialashleyrod)

Ashley went through some intense drama when she and Lascelles, her beau of seven years, found themselves too comfortable and decided to go on the show to shake things up, resulting in an emotional breakup. She has since found a new love and shows him off on her social media. Plus, she’s always modeling some fierce looks in case you need some inspiration. 

Lascelles (@luh_cellz)

Meanwhile, Lascelles seems to still be single if his Instagram is any indicator. The firefighter and personal trainer shows off his muscles and firefighting suit on his page. Like many contestants, he has tapped into his modeling side. 

Trace (@tracewinningham)

Trace was part of one of the deepest connections that was formed in Season 4 on Temptation Island.  She bonded with Lascelles and he even dumped his girlfriend Ashley, in favor of leaving the island with Trace. Things didn’t work out with Lascelles. Trace is teaching confidence and model development through her company, Trace the Brand. Her social media is full of her glammed-up modeling photos. 

Gillian (

Gillian and Edgar went on the show to see if they could move past a history of infidelity and commit to each other. Ultimately it didn’t work out. Gillian has been in South Florida flourishing as a realtor. So, if you are looking for a home or just like looking at beautiful houses, her Instagram is full of luxury properties.

While you wait for Temptation Island Season 5, catch up on all of the seasons on Peacock!

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