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Deac Conti's Return Riles Up The Ladies — What Was He Known For In ‘Temptation Island’ Season 2?

"Temptation Island" alum Deac Conti returns to the show in Season 4 and immediately catches Iris Jardiel's eye.

By Tyler McCarthy
Deac Conti Smiling

This week’s episode of “Temptation Island" saw the return of Season 2 fan-favorite Deac Conti, who's joined the other single men vying for the affection of the coupled women. 

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Already, he's made a major impression. Upon his arrival, Iris Jardiel immediately got excited and threw herself into his arms, proclaiming that she’s a big fan of his. Soon after, his big personality got him in hot water with the other guys in the villa. Anyone who watched Deac in the past knows that kind of drama is par for the course with him. So, if you haven't seen Season 2 of "Temptation Island" (what are you waiting for?!), here's what to know.

Deac originally debuted in the second season of “Temptation Island” on USA Network, where he immediately set his sights on Ashley Howland, who came to the island to see if things could work out with her boyfriend, Casey Starchak. Through a series of blunders shown to Ashley at bonfires, she realized it was time to move on from her relationship. But although she had a pretty intense connection with Deac, she also had eyes for Ben Knobloch. 

Ashley spent the season going back and forth between them, choosing Deac for the first date, Ben for the second, and so on. Eventually, she admitted to herself that her attraction to Deac was based on the fact he reminded her of Casey. Therefore, he represented trying the same thing she knew didn’t work. Ben, meanwhile, would be something new and exciting. 

To make matters worse, Ben and Deac were friends on the island. They had many chats together around the villa in which they openly acknowledged they were falling for the same girl and were aware, in the end, it would either be one of them or Casey. 

“Me and Ben are friends and Ashley seems to like us both. It’s an odd dynamic,” Deac said at the time. “I mean, we have a strong connection and I’m sure her and Ben have a strong connection but it’s up to her, ultimately. It seems to be a love triangle or a love square with her boyfriend … and her boyfriend is the square.” 

The love square came to a head when Deac made a grand romantic gesture that was not reciprocated by Ashley. After her date with Ben, Deac wanted to get himself back in the game by decorating her bed with hand-picked flowers. Ashley was appreciative of the effort, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to sway her away from Ben. Instead she took Ben up to that bed and they spent the night together, which did not sit well with Deac. 

The next day at eliminations, there was nothing left for Ashley to do but acknowledge she had made her choice. As a result, she and the rest of the Season 2 women sent Deac packing. 

Ashley eventually broke up with Casey and left the island with Ben. However, the romance was short-lived as they revealed on the Season 2 reunion that Ben ended things almost immediately after they left the island. 

Meanwhile, Deac left the island with nothing to show for his experience but some mild heartbreak. That’s why he says he jumped at the chance to return and take another crack at finding love in Season 4. 

“I decided to return to ‘Temptation Island’ because it was such a fun experience that I just wanted to come back and really enjoy it,” he says in his debut. “My love life has been nonexistent since I left the first time. I tried a relationship but it didn’t work out so here I am.” 

Despite having more “Temptation Island” experience than everyone else in the villa, Deac says he isn’t planning to make a lot of changes in his second go other than to focus less on “bro time” and more on the women.

“I plan to step my game up by just being me,” he says. “Try to make them laugh and smile and as long as they’re having a good time, they’ll enjoy it.” 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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