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Where Is Temptation Island Filmed? A Show Producer Explains All

A producer explains all the hard work that goes into finding the perfect place to film Temptation Island.

By Tyler McCarthy

As couples and singles go to Temptation Island, new and old relationships naturally take center stage. But as a result, one of the most important parts of the series, the island itself, often gets overlooked.  

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The island looks like an actual paradise (even without the sexy singles on it) – so where is it on the map? USA Insider talked with executive producer David Goldberg to learn more about where the show is filmed.

What island is Temptation Island filmed on?

Temptation Island is filmed on Maui, Hawaii.

It turns out a lot is required to set up the idyllic, paradise setting where couples test their commitment with tempting singles on the vacation of a lifetime. Fortunately, the island of Maui in Hawaii checks all those boxes and then some, making it the perfect setting for Temptation Island

Each year, the production does an extensive search of the island to find the right houses to act as the men’s and women’s villas. They enlist the help of local location scouts, realtors, and more to find places that will work for the show as well as the production, David Goldberg. The general Temptation Island Season 5 location is the same – just at slightly different villas.

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While it’s very easy to find a gorgeous location on Maui, the most important aspect of the show is finding a place where the crew can easily film the action while keeping the couples separated. After all, the bonfires are the only times they can see what their partner has been doing, so making sure they don’t interact with each other and have a genuine reaction is critical. It all comes down to location.  

“We don’t want the villas to be too close to each other to ensure that the cast can’t communicate between houses or even hear what is going on,” Goldberg explained. “[In Season 4], the girls’ villa was in the mountains above Lahaina and the men’s villa was on the beach near Kaanapali.” 

Temptation Island 502

Ensuring the respective villas are comparable in terms of luxury but distinct enough to offer two unique experiences is essential. However, different locations that are secluded from one another often means dealing with distance. 

“The villas [for Season 4 were] about a 20-minute drive apart so there were no issues in terms of the cast communicating between houses,” Goldberg noted. “With that said, the 20-minute drive was a factor of finding the right houses. There is a scenario where we would prefer the houses to be closer, but you wouldn’t want them to be neighbors.”  

He revealed the crew is put up in two different hotels. In Season 4, both were very close to the men’s villa on the beach. Filming the women’s villa proved to have more challenging logistics. Each day, shuttles took crew members to the women’s villa in the mountains for another day of filming wild parties and steamy, private moments. At the end of the day, they packed it all in and shuttled back to the hotels. 

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Although production on Temptation Island is hard work, it’s difficult to complain too much about getting to live on the island of Maui for a few weeks and seeing all the drama in the villas happen first-hand.  

Where to Watch Temptation Island

All the past season of Temptation Island can only be found in one place. Peacock is the official streaming home for Temptation Island Seasons 1-5. You can also view more recent episodes on USA Network's website. 

Catch up on Temptation Island now on USA Network and Peacock.

Originally published Apr 4, 2022.

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