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The 'Temptation Island' Women Show Their Wild Side Before Season 4's First Bonfire

On the second episode of "Temptation Island" Season 4, Ash Lamiroult kissed someone else, Lascelles Lagares started forming a real connection with a single, and Edgar De Santiago was floored by what he saw at the first bonfire.

By Becca van Sambeck
Ti 402 Gillian Iris Ashley Ash Costumes

On each season of “Temptation Island,” relationships are tested as couples part to temporarily live amongst 12 sexy singles of the opposite sex. Last week’s Season 4 premiere brought us four couples all at a crossroads, questioning whether they want to stay together and move on.  

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Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker are questioning their relationship’s durability with Ash’s upcoming move across the country — and Hania is interested in testing out an open relationship to make it work. Gillian Lieberman, who is just 21, fears she is too young to tie herself eternally to Edgar De Santiago, her college boyfriend. Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Largares have been dating seven years, but aren’t sure about taking the next step. Iris Jardiel, meanwhile, can’t shake her concerns about Luke Wechselberger texting other girls, which Luke claims it’s just a reaction to Iris’ “party queen ways.” 

 Will the island bring them closer together, or tear them apart for good? Let’s find out what happens in Episode 2! 

We start off right where we ended last week: The girls are sobbing after saying goodbye to their boyfriends for the rest of their stay. Gillian is a teary mess, telling the girls “I need something to hug, something to cuddle.” Right on cue, as if the word “cuddle” on the island is a code word that triggers men to swarm the spot, the singles arrive, insisting it’s time for drinks. 

Iris says in her interview at this point she needs a handbook with pictures and names to keep track of all the men, and we have never agreed more with someone on this show. There are just a lot of shirtless men bearing shot glasses, although some quickly make an impression on the women. Gillian, for example, tells Tommy about her promise ring — a ring Edgar gave her after he cheated. 

“I don’t know if I’ll keep wearing it,” she says, staring at the ring. “What do I do?” she repeats over and over. Clearly, the ring signifies something to her. 

 On the other side of the island, the men are dancing, losing their shirts, and going (somewhat) wild with the women. After grinding with Luke, a single named Juicy (fine, nicknamed) proclaims him to be the hottest one on the island. 

 Lascelles, meanwhile, has found himself to be pretty popular. A single named Alexa at one point tries to grab him, moaning, “It’s hard to find some alone time!” After Lascelles recalls, “You asked for it earlier,” she snaps, “Like 100 times, but it’s fine.” 

 Shocker: The moment she’s got him all to herself, pride and relief evident on her face, a flock of girls arrive.  

Actually, Lascelles doesn’t seem to be having a problem forming a connection with one girl in particular. He tells single Trace that she reminds him of his girlfriend. Is that … a good thing when you wanted to visit Temptation Island to discover how you really felt about her? Apparently! 

The next day, everyone wakes up looking far better rested and cheerier than the normal human could ever look after that amount of shots. They have reason to be chipper, though: It’s time for the first date selection, which, of course, will be held in front of their partners. 

Gillian goes first and selects Tommy. Edgar says Tommy “looks stupid” in his interview, and then upon realizing this may sound a bit immature, adds, “That’s my own perception of it, I don’t know the guy.” Baby steps! 

Edgar then picks Marissa, and Gillian audibly notes Edgar refuses to look at her as he does so. Cold! Iris asks George, which makes Luke a little jealous — although he gives Iris much more cause for insecurity when he proclaims there are “so many [women] to choose from!” and then asks out “Mrs. Juicy.” 

Ashley picks out Mike, which confuses Lascelles, as he insists that actually, he is Ashley’s type, not Mike, who looks nothing like him. This logic makes more sense as Lascelles picks Trace, someone Ashley describes as her “twin” with a “cute, tall model look.” 

Ash picks Taylor, whose “super fit physique” surprises Hania. Makes sense. Women typically hate muscular, in-shape men. Hania meanwhile asks Kryslyn, and Ash very sincerely gushes about her beauty. Still, it’s clear she’s distraught afterward: “I’m worried if I’m not in front of him, I don’t exist,” she says. 

It’s back to the villa for a party night. Over at the men’s villa, they have a “Ignite Your Sensations” party.The men are blindfolded as the women pour chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and other condiments on them before licking it off and grinding on them. It ends with most of them in the shower (clothed!) together. 

The party at the women’s villa makes a lot more sense. Everyone’s wearing animal headbands, and when the women come down in tiny animal-themed outfits and pronounce it time to get wild, the men roar in raucous delight. One of the contestants is so shocked to see the women in miniskirts and animal ears he looks as if an actual giraffe and zebra descended down the stairs. 

At the women’s villa, there is a lot more pool time instead of shower time, although there are just as many shots. Ash seems to really enjoy herself with Taylor, saying she can be “a clown” with him. At one moment, Taylor tells her, “I didn’t come here to steal anyone’s love. I just came here to help people, I swear to God,” with a little giggle. In that moment, we see Ash’s eyes become heart emojis. She’s smitten. She comes close to kissing him, whispering about needing physical touch before she tears herself away. 

However, she can’t keep herself away for long. Instead, she asks Taylor to sleep in her bed but with a pillow fort between them. Naturally, pillows do not prevent her from kissing him. 

The dates go well for most people, except Ashley, who is understandably put off by Mike’s pickup lines. (He honestly asks her at one point, “Did it hurt?”) Iris opens up to George, explaining Luke makes her feel uncomfortable about expressing herself. She gets scared of being too clingy or needy since he’s not that way at all.  

After the dates, it’s time for the first bonfire, where the couples are confronted with clips of what their significant others have been doing without them. Luke is shown his first: It’s Iris revealing to one of the singles Luke texts girls from his past and it makes her uncomfortable. 

Luke accepts this is true, although he tears up (This is the second time! What does Iris mean about him not being a crier??) as host Mark L. Walberg suggests he struggles with needing validation, and that’s why he keeps texting other women. 

Edgar is then shown the clip of Gillian saying she’s unsure if she should keep wearing the promise ring. Edgar honestly looks as if Gillian threw the ring on the ground, stomped it into smithereens, and then threw those bits behind her as she went parasailing with another guy. 

 “It hurts. It sounds like the ring doesn’t mean anything to her anymore ... she doesn’t want the ring anymore,” he says, to which Mark wisely responds, “That isn’t what she said, by the way. 

Edgar starts to cry, saying Gillian was texting an ex-boyfriend explicit messages for months. Now we know both of them have engaged in cheating in the past — and it doesn’t seem like they’ve forgiven each other. 

“It feels like I don’t know her,” he proclaims through tears.  

How will this affect Edgar’s movements on the island now? And what will Lascelles and Hania see on their bonfire clips? 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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